Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So... I get to make dinner for Brittany and Jason, and their parents, tonight. They just had their beautiful baby, Tessie Leigh, and we're all helping them out by bringing them dinner so they can just relax and enjoy her. :-)

I'm excited. I wanted to mix it up and make them something different - so, I put my meatballs in the crockpot last night, and mixed my secret sauce together with it. And it smelled SO good when I got up this morning (and tasted yummy, too!). So they are having Meatball Subs for dinner.

I hope they like them (if you're reading them, and you don't... let me know, now, and I've got a back up for you!! I don't mind eating my meatballs all by myself - they're yummy!). But hopefully it'll be 'Mighty Good'. ;-)

But all this thinking about grub has not only made me hungry, but it also reminds me of the Lion King's Timon and Pumba. Remember how they used to show down on those little grubs?

Good times... good times....


April E. :) said...

you = my dear are random :)

Many Titles said...

We loved the subs! Thanks Sarah, they were quick and easy and hardly anything to clean up afterwards. Thanks so much for going out of your way to do that for us.

megsnbigd said...

Ok you nerd. I gave you my number so you could CALL me! First of all I DID sincerely offer to help you move and you didn't call! Then, YES! The DC outreach was Dan's and the whole fam was there. Were you there? Why didn't you CALL me? NERD.