Wednesday, April 1, 2009

*Update* Back on the Table

So now there is apparently a real option. McStudly was given an offer and it's a really really good one, but... a hard choice to make.

It seems we are at the crossroads of 2 options, for now:

1 - extend and deploy


2 - follow a job for McStudly all the way down to Texas.

Any advice?? Recommendations?? Thoughts??


April E. :) said...

ok...FIRST OFF...your labels are April Fools...are you joking at all?? (figured I should lead off with that)

Secondly...we can't make this decision for you...there are tons of pros and cons for BOTH options. This really needs to be weighed out with PRAYER (lots) and DISCUSSIONS (lots) between you and Kyle...we are behind you.

The Ratpack said...

Cute Blog! and girl, we were married a week apart! : )

Texas is fabulous, you would love it! But of course I've never lived anywhere else : )

Terri said...

I think April Fools jokes are really mean so I hope this isn't one.

Angie said...

OK that one didn' get me because I Know ther is no way he would extend, he is ready to get out! And Texas...........been there done that, not bad but its not in the mix either.