Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So I'm new to this whole blogging thing, but from what I understand, it's just like putting thoughts to paper, or like a public diary of sorts... something like that, right? So welcome to my mind - I apoligize for the lack of signs and direction, but please do be careful - it gets pretty crazy in here at times!

We start with this - I began, this weekend, to sort of put things into prexpective for myself. I've decided that I'm not happy with everything as it is, and that I need to make some changes for myself. So here's what I've come up with, thus far (brace yourselves, it's a somewhat lengthy list):
#1 - I need to be better at housekeeping (don't we all?!). I am behind on laundry, organization, dusting (what's that?) etc. My main problem si a lack of storage space. I can't keep laundry in with the washer/dryer becuase it's just a little closet thingy. And the spare bedroom has walls lined with thing (in a somewhat organized fashion) that I just do not have room for, at the time. Our closets are full and we have a huge need for more storage space... so I supposed I've slacked off and made excuses for why it's no done. But not any more!! It'll be a slow process, but it will happen! I finally cleaned up the kitchen last night. It wasn't bad, but wasn't good, either. The only thing left to do is put the organized mail in it's appropriate place. :-D One Gold star for Sarah!

#2 - I need to be better at MAKING time for devitions and personal time with God. I'm REALLY REALLY bad in this area. Yes I pray... all the time... but that's not enough. And at that, just reading verses isn't enough either. It's called STUDYING for a reason. I really need to push myself here. I've been challenged a LOT lately, thanks to a GREAT church and GREAT teachers, but receiving the challenge is nothing - it's acting on it that's important. So off I go into the wild blue yonder... (what... I'm an Air Force wife - I couldn't help myself!). I've tried adding variety to my time. It's not jsut about putting your nose in a book and coming out having memorized a new verse. It's about growing in and loving a God that never fails us, and I OWE it to him (and myself, really) to put more of myself into researching what I'm reading AND worshipping him on my own (not just in church when it's easy). So that's the next goal. :-)

#3 - I have GOT to be better about money. The good news, though? I (we) have already started with this one! We've got a budget, debt reduction plan, AND it's coming alogn nicely! According to the math, we'll be debt free in less than 2 years (minus the new car we're going to be buying this summer). But after that, we're done for at least two years!! Awesome, right? I'm excited!!

AND FINALLY... (drumroll please)

#4 - I have GOT to get OFF my rear and get to stepping!! The dog needs more exercise, and Lord knows I do too! We're BOTH better off when we've had a good walk/run. Plus, he doesn't drive me batty when we get home, either! We are both happier when we get some good exercise (even if it DOES include a certain risque' type of dance class - I'm married... nothing wrong with that, right?!)

Anywho - that's the plan. Call it my New Spring Resolution 2008 (since I WAS passed the whole New Year thing). Feel free to "Puhl" my card (ha ha... again, couldn't help myself. I'm a dork, what can I say!) and check in on me to see how I'm progressing... any thoughts to add?


April E. :) said...

Well getting it out there...putting it down on paper, the walls, the fridge, wherever and CHALLENGING yourself. I also did this thing called "Fly-Lady" for a while and it sends you daily emails that challenges you to take 10 minutes and clean ONE pile...or go through ALL the mail. It's pretty neat and I treat is as a game to WIN! :) Good Luck!

Brittany said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! Glad you could join us and what a great first blog! I think we all see areas in us that just need a little updating (as i am calling it.) I know that there are a lot of things that I know that I need to work on (cleaning and organization are just a few.) Keep us posted and let us know how you are doing after a while.

BTW, it's Riverscape. Heard of it?

Rose of the Hill said...


Yes, my husband and I are missionaries. We are here in Costa Rica to learn the Spanish language, then we are headed to Mexico City for ministry. How did you get to my site? :-)

James Wilson said...

Sarah, great blog! Hey, for debt reduction/elimination go to the library or go out and buy Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover". It is a step by step plan for getting out of debt. Cristen and I followed it and we're done except for the house! Oh, and DON'T BUY A NEW CAR!! JUST DON'T! :) Take the money that you would be spending on a car payment (~$300 right?) and put it in a separate account, then after a year or so you'll have enough to buy a decent used car (with cash). Keep saving that same amount then the next year you can sell the car for just a little less than what you paid for it, then you have double the money to buy a BETTER used car... Repeat until you're buying (with CASH) a 2 year old BMW 5 or 6 years from now instead of going out and buying your second new car on CREDIT! Ok, off my soapbox but I've made mistake and I'm trying to get others to steer clear of it! Keep up the good work on the blog!