Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You Were Warned

Right? I mean... in all fairness I did say I'd be a bit of a blogging phantom.

Things have been crazy, just as I suspected they'd be. BUT there's an "end" in sight. My clinic training class only has 2 weeks left (we're of this week, but then 2 to go!) and then it's I'll start the internship. As crazy as the past 8 weeks have been, I've been loving every minute of it! I can't wait to talk to you all about the things I've learned through all of this. From simple communication skills to learning to explain complex medical procedures, as well as training to better evangelise to the clients when given the opportunity. I've absolutely LOVED it!

As for everything else, working on the house kind've died off for the holidays I'm sure we may get a few things done here or there, but we really want to just be able to enjoy our time together instead of running around every chance we get.

I've been slowly getting back into sewing, and I'm still totally enjoying that, as well. I think it has something to do with the challenge involved and seeing a project all the way from start to finish. Who knows... whatever it is, it's a great hobby and I can't wait to keep improving and building on it as I go! Just this past weekend I made an envelope pillow cover (finally!) for the ugly pillows that came with our living room furniture, and I can't WAIT to make more so those hideous little things will no longer be seen. AND I finally had the time to finish a bib for a friend of mine. It turned out MUCH better than I thought it would, to be honest. It velcros around the neck and the entire thing is covered in vinyl so that it can easily be wiped off/cleaned, AND the bottom folds up and snaps around to create a little pocket for catching the food that baby drops or spits out. It's not perfect, but it it pretty cute, if I say so myself. I'm so proud!

Now I just want to make something for myself - clothes-wise, that is. I LOVE making baby stuff and pillows because, well let's be honest, everything looks cute on babies! And not many people analyze your couch pillows for imperfections, either, right?! So I'm eager to make something a little more detailed, but not quite ready for that dress pattern I bought before. I'm still working up to that one. Then again... I'm feeling pretty daring this holiday season, so maybe I'll give it a shot?!

Anywho - that's kind've what we've been up to lately. Wait - that was just me. Here's what McStudly's been up to: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

...Yep - that about sums it up. ha ha ha... he plays while I sew, and it works out, I suppose. :-P

OH! I almost forgot - he started a new kind of treatment last week for his Crohns'. It went really well. We went in to Walter Reed in the morning, they went over everything with him and start him on the infusion - it took about 3 hours, or so, and he didn't have any reactions to it, which is fabulous! He goes in again next week, then 4 weeks later, and then the doctor will decide if he'll go every 6 or 8 weeks after that. AND this means he can finally stop taking those stupid steroids we both hate with a fierce fiery passion. Can I get a "woot woot"?! WOOOOT WOOOOT!!

Well, I think that about catches you up for now. I have still been reading your blogs, I promise. I even comment as often as I can!! But I tell you what, following y'alls blogs could be a full-time job. I TOTALLY enjoy it, but then I never have time to blog myself. Am I the only one?! ha ha

Anywho - did I miss anything? Got any questions or curiosities for me?!


PS: I will be posting pictures of the house eventually, but I want to finish showing the before pictures before I start on the afters. And since we're not quite at the "after" point, yet, it buys me a little time to get stuff done. Score!! :-D