Thursday, May 27, 2010

Her Wittle Dress

A while back I made this dress:

It was super fun to make, though it took me several days to finish (and I didn't have a pattern, so there was a lot of trial and error)... and I loved the end result! I was so stinking excited to give it to my newest little buddy that I even made it in a newborn size so I didn't have to wait to see it on her! (ha ha ha... I'm so lame!)

My only problem with sewing is that I'm end-product focused, so I want to spend all my time working on a project until it's finished. McStudly's usually okay with this because it means more Xbox in it for him, but Austin gets a little lonely and lays at my feet the whole time, sometimes accidentally triggering the motor by laying his head on the foot pedal. Oops!

Anywho - today was a big day. I got a text this morning from Momma Laurie that Baby Abby was wearing a special dress to church. I turned to Studly, who was making molasses yawn with his prep-speed, and told him "You've GOT to get ready. Abby is wearing a special dress today and I HAVE to see it!" Oddly enough, he finished getting ready (though he wasn't exactly moving with a sense of urgency, if you know what I mean), and we headed off to church.

Sure enough she was wearing her little one-of-a-kind dress! Little does she know how much some people (you know... the ones with money to burn) are willing to spend on such a dress... and boy did she work that thang. She was so stinking cute (of course...)!!

Now, you know I couldn't tease you with such a story and not have pictures, so here you go. Lil Abby in her very own SP dress:

And of course I have a few pictures of us together:

So there you have it. She's just a skosh over 5 weeks old already. Can you believe it?!

PS: Get a load of all that hair!


Laurie said...

Awesome job Sarah! She was super cute in this!