Monday, October 18, 2010

I've Got a Little Bitty Quessstionnn

Where do you stand with Birth Control?

I love to hear other people's takes on it, so lay it on me. Any form or method... For? Against? Some not others? Preferences? I'm dying to know what you think, so let's discuss.

**Remember, the PuhlHouse is a no-drama zone, so I reserve the write to remove, delete, or make fun of any comment that isn't very nice towards other commenters (just kidding about the making fun, part!).**


E. Chikeles said...

I think each couple has to decide for themselves and I defer to my husband except in one matter, I refuse to take anything that will pump hormones into my body. Your body doesn't truly recover from that, I know quiet a few girls who've lost babies or have had a hard time conceiving after 'the pill'. Thankfully husband agrees with me there.

Biblically speaking, any birth control that "kills" a fertilized egg I think is wrong, technically thats killing a would be child.

But we do prevent, we just do it as naturally as possible. I think thats the safest way; MOST birth control methods that a girl takes, uses, puts in, etc. give the girl a dose of hormones or something of the like and its just not healthy for a woman...

5th Belle Avenue said...

Such a hard one - definitely something to pray about! I did use the pill at one time, and once I rid my body of it I saw a HUGE change. I felt back to my old self and I looked like my old self again. The hormones in them can be nasty on your body! BUT, a month after I finally rid my body of everything and tried the natural, Fertility Awareness Method, I got pregnant. Haha. :) Pray about it and talk it over with your hubby!

- Sarah :-) said...

Agree with both of you - it's a personal decision you have to make for yourself and your family...

A - you really got pregnant on FAM? I'm curious... did you take your Basil Waking Temp every morning, and check the "other" sign daily as well, or did you do the shortcuts method and count day 14 as your most fertile? (If this is too personal, than disregard... I'm just super curious).

I have heard that it takes a few months to really learn your cycle through FAM, but that's crazy how quickly your body got back to normal. Good for you!

5th Belle Avenue said...

I surely did! But I don't blame the FAM method, I was just still so fresh with the whole process and still learning everything.

d.a.r. said...

I actually have a whole post brewing about this...planning on posting it tomorrow :)

Long story short, I have been on the pill forever due to endometriosis. I finally broke up with it last month and am beyond thrilled. We are going to be doing FAM from here on out.

E. Chikeles said...

Just wanted to add... learning your cycles takes practice (I am very irregular but can always tell when I'm going to ovulate) but it can be done if you pay attention... we didn't get preggo for two whole years preventing naturally; both times we did get preggo it was the FIRST time we tried because I knew my cycle.

Also, I just read Gardisil can lead to arthritis... in case you were considering that.

Laurie said...

I agree it's a personal decision. But I think we have to be careful to judge others decisions. Once in a discussion much like this with some teenage girls one girl blurted out "birth control is the same as abortion" well maybe it is but that was an over reaction to the conversation.
I was on birth control for 2 years then took almost 5 years to get pregnant. But I also didn't realize the effect it had on me until I was off it. I will never use it again. BTW Sarah I did the basil waking temp for 3 months (that's how long the Dr. recommended) and got pregnant at the end of it.

Red Stethoscope said...

OK, I hope this doesn't get all TMI, but here goes!

So, I was engaged last year and started the pill. My breasts got huge from the estrogen (bonus!), but I was so tired on the pill that I sometimes couldn't get out of bed (a slight problem for a medical student). All of my doctors kept telling me it couldn't be from the birth control, but I knew it was somehow. Two days after I stopped the pill, I was back to myself.

This brings me to my first issue with oral birth control: side effects. I'm a medical student and it's SHOCKING how perfectly the endocrine system works on its own. It makes me nervous to mess with this, which is exactly what the pill does (second issue with birth control).

That being said, I am in favor of birth control in general, just not the pill. One of my attendings suggested a diaphragm to me last year, or the non-hormonal IUD. I will probably consider both options in the future, when that is necessary.

I'm not earthy crunchy or anything like that, but unless you have an underlying medical condition, I'm just not in favor of hormonal birth control. I'd say about half of my medical school class isn't either! When we learned how the pill works, most of the girls in my class stopped taking theirs. There's just too much disruption to the endocrine system. Also, birth control works by increasing estrogen levels and increased estrogen is associated with breast cancer. Yikes!

I think I should say something about how you shouldn't take anything medical I say with an "official" grain of salt, but you already know that probably and I'm also just a medical student, so I don't know anything worthwhile anyway! :D