Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Busy-Body ol' Biddies!

Let me just say this -

You know who you are and you are making my life miserable. Just becuase you smell poop, and my dog is the only one you see, does NOT mean that it is his poop you are smelling.

And with that - jsut because you smell poop (even if it WAS my dog's) does NOT mean you call my landlord and tell her about it. Perhaps - did you forget to think about the 5 million people in our neighborhood who do NOT clean up after their dogs? Whereas you actually see us cleaning up after him? Did you forget that everything friggin poops? And it MIGHT Not even be POOP that you smell? and WHO has to go back inside their HOUSE just becuase they smell POOP? WHO DOES THAT?!

You need a hobby... and no, babysitting me and my family is not a hobby - it's a sickness. So go TAKE A PILL!

Thank you. I really hope you sleep well at night.

Can you TELL I'm a bit angry today?? For those of you wondering why I'm so steamy, just know this - I got an awful e-mail from my Landlord (yes... yes I said e-mail) today, and it's really not cool. So... there... that's why.



April E. :) said...


Monica Dawn. said...

Busy old Biddies need to stay inside and knit! Can I get an Amen!

- Sarah :-) said...


Many Titles said...

Maybe you should make her some brownies with a little extra sumpin' sumpin'. If you know what I mean. Butter her up with some of your mighty good cookin'.

- Sarah :-) said...

Ha ha - I think I just need to get her a man... Lord knows maybe if she had one, she'd be a little less worried about me and mine!

Not that I'm bitter, or anything...

And Austin makes her brownies!! But that seems to be what upsets her... :-P I'm gross.