Friday, August 15, 2008

*Fingers Crossed

So McStudly and I put an offer on another house, last night (after a very long, high stress week, that is), and we're currently waiting on pins and needles for the reply.

I just got a call from Sheena (our Realtor) and she let me know that she sent over all of the paperwork last night, and confirmed receipt with the Seller's Agent. So... here we go again.

We're super excited about this place (both of us are!). It will need a little TLC to make it our own, but it's such a great starter place. We love it! And the only real TLC it will need outside of updating the kitchen counters and appliances is to remove the wallpaper in the bathroom upstairs (and it even has a matching shower curtain! nice...) and paint there, the the master bedroom, and... that's probably it.

I'm so anxious to find out. Here's to hopin'!

(... and you wouldn't mind sayin' a little prayer for us, would ya? Yeah... I didn't think so. Thanks, guys. You're the best!)


April E. :) said...

I am saying a little prayer for yoooouuuu

Regina said...

I saw that you got the house (can't remember where I saw Congratulations!

Brittany said...

April told us you got the place!!! How much fun! Congrats on taking that HUGE step into buying.