Thursday, March 19, 2009

Please Pray

A co-worker of mine and his family was displaced, due to a house fire that occurred yesterday. It was apparently started by a short in the wiring to the basement fishtank's light bulb.

I can't even imagine what that's like. And for those pet lovers out there - they lost their dog and cat in the fire. It's just impossible to put myself in their shoes. Join me in praying for them as they go through this time.

The Red Cross if providing shelter and food, etc, while they try to salvage what they can from their home. We asked if he needed anything, but he said "Just time, for now, to be able to deal with all of this." They have no home, most of their pictures and keepsakes have been destroyed, their pets were family to them, and are gone, now.

He was at work when he got the call, and raced home. He lives about 45 minutes from work, so can you imagine what was going through his head that whole time? I sure can't. But I know him, and I know this is hard for all of them.

So please say a prayer for them as often as you can think to remember. I'll keep you updated as I can, but he'll be out for quite a while so I don't know when I'll get more information.

Sorry for the bummer of a post, but lifes nto all laughs and giggles, I guess. Sometimes, things can make you sad for others. But lets do our best to learn from this: take advantage of the time we have together, and don't buy lightbulbs for our fishtanks.


5th Belle Avenue said...

So heartbreaking. I will be PRAYING!!!

Lindsey said...

So sad, I'm praying!!

d.a.r. said...

Oh my gosh, what a nightmare. I am praying!