Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That ol' Gee-Tar

Well, I found a guitar on Craigslist and *fingers crossed* I'm really hoping that this guy will get back to me... like... YESTERDAY!!!

According to the listing, he bought it for his daughter and she's only used it about two times. So he's only asking for $125. :-) I'm SUPER excited!! AND - the real kicker... McStudly said I can go for it!! Well, his actual words were "It's up to you, babe." So that means yes - SCORE!!!

I've been itching to learn since high school, so I'm really praying this will all work out. It's in the price range (really cheap) and it's WAY local (as in only about than 10 mins from our house). Here's hoping!!

Now... I just gotta figure out how to play the dang thing, if I get it!!


Malia Kell Photography said...

Yay! That's so exciting! And seriously, that's an awesome price! You go, girl!

amanda said...

hope it works out - the purchase and the self teaching :)

and of course i don't mind you stopping by...nice to meet you!

The Mrs. said...

oooh I hope it works out. I love me a good deal.

and for your spider fear. Thats a good one. I worry when I flush them down the toilet that they will come back thru the pipes and bite my rear. I think I need help....