Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunday SUNDAY Sunday

I've got SO much to catch you guys up on!! But for now - this is all you get....

So last Sunday was a blast. A buddy at work had some extra tickets for the Na$car race in D0ver. SO... we jumped at the chance to go. And what made it even better was that it was Baby Sister's birthday, so NATURALLY we invited Bekah, her boyfriend, Sam, and my sista Carlinn (cause we're not blood related... I took out the "er" and made it an "a". See how I did that?! I'm so cool...).

Even though Bekah and I had just gotten back into town LATE Saturday night (more on where from and why later), we woke up bright and early Sunday morning to beat the traffic, get some Sonic for lunch (our stupid state doesn't friggin have any... just the mean commercials!), and then parked in some shady guy's yard and walked through a bunch of trees to find we were still about 5 millions miles from the stadium. *sigh

BUT an adventure it was (that was my Yoda talk. You know you liked it...) and we loved every minute of it.

I have pictures for you, but can't find my camera cord at the moment, so check back sometime soon and I'm sure I'll have them for yous guys.

Anywho - N@scar races are perfect for some PRIME-time people watching. And WOW. WE sure learned a lot more about some of those people than we really wanted to. Basically, I feel like I'm intimately familiar with most of them. *shivers* I'm still trying to recover from some of it...

Go figure - I have what feels like the memory of an 85-year-old woman up until there's something that I WANT to forget. *sigh

Well, I honestly don't know how much I can tell you before I finally upload the pics, so I'll be back to give more deets at some point. Sorry for the lame postage... or should I say the lack thereof?! Like I said - lots to fill you in on.

Until next time, my dearies... Toodles!