Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I know - I'm Slacker McSlackipantalones for sure. BUT I thought it was a nice chance to take a break (break from what, most of you are probably thinking... it's not like I've been exactly on the ball, lately) over the 4th Holiday and just relax with my McStudmuffin...


It was fabulous. We did a whole lot of nothing -

Wait. That's not true. We did a lot, BUT we have nothing PLANNED, so it was oh-so relaxing.

Friday night, we went up to Annapolis and mosied on around the new Town Centre. We bought new running shoes (more to come on that) for both of us, had dinner at one of the newer restaurants in the area (nothing to write home about, unfortunately), and I day-dreamed about shopping at Anthropologie (window shopping at it's finest) as we walked past.

Saturday, we slept in a little, I went up to Joanns and scored BIGtime (LOVE me some fabric sales), had lunch with some of mi familia (momma & pappa bear, and little sis), scored yet again when I stopped at a local consignment shop with Momma and little Sis on the way home from said lunch, went our separate ways for a big (Studly and I, that is), then met up again a little later. He spent some time with a good friend of his, and I met up with one of the awesome ladies' from our church (more to come on that, as well) before going for a run (and again... more to come on that). It was awesome.

Then comes the 4th. We slept in again (oh so lovely...) and then we'd planned to meet up with a buddy of his and his wife and little girls on base for the festivities, but then changed plans. We Goodwill hopped for a bit, then mosied on around in Annapolis again before checking out another new restaurant and chowing down on some yummy frozen yogurt at one of our new favorite places, Menchies (yumm-o!), where we happened upon some old pals of ours (Hi Livi, Leah, and Natalie!! oh... and you too, Lane). And out of pure laziness, we decided to stay in the Annapolis area for some fireworks. We wandered up to the top of one of the many parking garages and watched a few of the different shows (since you could see about 3 or 4 of them from there) before heading home for a movie and some puppy time with our favorite dog, Austin.

Wow.. there's STILL another day to talk about?! Gesh. I looove long weekends. :-)

So Monday morning came around and we slept in again (not too long, this time... we wanted to take full advantage of our day off). I called one of my bestest buddies in the whole world, Ash-a-Bash, and we decided to drive out to Virginia, meet up with her, and then go check out a fun new golf place in the area. It ended up being a TOTAL blast. Seeing her is always a super fun time. I love my Ash. *sigh And then getting to hang out with her family again (it's been for-eh-ver!) was also a blast. I miss them all. *tear

Aaannnnd that was pretty much my awesome long weekend. Woot!

It was fabulous, for sure.

So what about you all - what'd you do with your long weekend?


Jaime said...

you're cracking me up! obviously catching up on blog, you are. (yoda)

thank goodness for twitter.

April E. :) said...

sounds like a blasty blast!!! Glad you had a good weekend!!

5th Belle Avenue said...

Sounds like a fab weekend!! Hope you have another great one THIS weekend!