Friday, July 9, 2010

Workin' It

It's official. Monday night at 10, I have logged about a marathon worth of running!


No really, though - there are now 26.24 miles on my training log and I am SO stinking proud of myself. I am not a runner. I mean I've tried running before, but it's never really stuck. Having a race or something to work towards has been so fabulous, you don't even know.

Honestly, every time I'm out there, I'm a big cheeseball and feel like I'm running for my husband. And in a way I guess I am. I'm training for a race that will directly benefit his health and well-being, so maybe I really am running for him. And everytime I push myself harder, I feel like I'm loving him in that.

See?! Total cheeseball.

But anywho - I had the best run the other day. Saturday evening's run was so stinking phenomenal that I can only hope that my next run will be that good. It wasn't too hot out, so I'm sure that helped a bit. And it's very possible that the Vanilla Bean Frappacino I had about 2 hours before could've had a little to do with it, too, but I don't even care. I felt SO great about it!

McStudly was hanging out with a buddy of his and so I figured I'd knock out my run for the day (since I'm running every other day, now) while he was gone. So I threw on some of my running gear, laced up my new running shoes (I can't wait to tell you all about them), charged up the iPod shuffle and went for it.

At the previous run, I had finally reached the point where I could run a full mile without stopping to walk. That was HUGE for me. Seriously! So I figured I try to push it up to a mile and a 1/4 or maybe... maybe a mile and a 1/2 if I could. Why not aim "big", right? ha ha... that seems so silly, now.

Well, aim "big" I did. Once I got going, I felt great so I just kept running. I ended up running 2 1/2 miles straight!!


I couldn't believe it, but I just kept pushing myself and pushing myself and it. was. awesome!!

at one point, Studly and his friend drove past me and waved. I felt so great because of where I was at the time and the fact that I was still running. Still running. Hadn't stopped, yet!

Oh man.

You have no idea how much of an accomplishment that was for me.

Well since then I've run once, but had to tone it down for two reasons: time and temperature.

It's been way hot out in these parts, lately, and I don't want to kill myself so I'm staying smart. Studly and I got home later in the evening on Monday, so we just decided to go around the "block" and take Austin with us, but we had to run the whole thing.


No sweat.

Well... there was plenty of sweat, but we did it, nonetheless (and Austin didn't almost keel over, this time. I guess we're all doing better, now) and felt great afterwards, so we through in some crunches after we stretched it out. 50 of them, to be exact. Awesome.

Anywho, it was over 100 degrees Tuesday (luckily it fell on a no-run day, for me), which wasn't pretty, but it looks like it'll be right at that, or close to it for a little while. So I may be sticking to a few shortened run sessions, for now. But the way I'm looking at it is that I'll be getting better at a straight run and will hopefully be able to push myself further and further when it starts to cool down.

That sounds reasonable, right?

Well, that's the status for now. I have a few more runs to log, but won't cheat and add them into the total that is giving me for now. I'll just give you what I haven't been too lazy to log and hopefully that will make me better at logging everything.

Anywho - that's the 411 on the 1/2 marathon training. Have you been pushing yourself to exercise, lately? What other kinds of goals have you set for yourself - crafting, blogging, cleaning... do tell!



April E. :) said...

I am really proud of you...cause I know how "Not-runnerish" many of as sharpie gals are...

I know once I lose some weight, probably after children...I plan to amp up and try running again.

It's something I really WANT to do...I just can't do it without killing myself now.

ENJOY IT!! and GREAT job!

Jaime said...

work it, gurl! way to go!!!!

Caitlin said...

ive been trying to run consistently foreverrr. I go through phases of running really well and almost every other day, but then I lose it for a month or two and have to start all over. I was just thinking today though that signing up for a race would be the perfect way to FORCE myself to stick with it. Trevor is running a 10 miler in NY right now and ran a full marathon last year in Austin. So I have to at least tryyy to keep up :)