Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Crunchtime!

Sorry I've been missing in action lately, minus the random song lyrics, etc. Things have been REALLY crazy around our house, what with getting ready for the grandparents' visit, and all.

The Bathroom is FINALLY painted. HOORAY!

At last count, the following had already been completed:

- remove all wallpaper
- remove almost all remaining wallpaper adhesive (thanks to the tip to try using fabric softener diluted in water - works like a charm when combined with a little elbow grease!)
- sand walls where needed
- patch/spackle nail holes and any other places as necessary
- take down ugly huge-mongous mirror
- remove medicine cabinet
- take out ugly bathroom light that's been with the house probably since it was built (ick!)

And now we can add the following to the list:
- prime
- paint
- temporarily take out toilet and replace wax ring

- remove all wallpaper and adhesive from behind the toilet, prime, and paint
- put toilet back and set in place with new bolts and bolt covers (my dog tried to eat the old ones)

So what's left to do before Saturday? Well, I'll tell you:
- hang pretty new light
- replace old mirror with new one
- replace medicine cabinet (might to just put it back in, due to random/weird measurements)
- purchase and set up shelving
- install newly purchased toilet in place of old icky one
- buy new bathroom rugs
- buy a few candles, etc, to put on shelves
- buy and hang a hand towel holder
- buy and hang a toilet paper holder
- buy and hang a "regular" towel holder
- install new white light switches to replace the icky yellow colored ones
- install new white outlet to replace icky yellow one
- install new white outlet and light-switch covers to replace gold ones (eww!)
- install new white vent cover to replace icky yellow one
- scrub floors, and remove the stubborn wallpaper pieces that have re-attached themselves from the walls to the floor
- scrub the tub, since it's gathered nastiness over my neglecting it for other tasks
- scrub the sink, since it's caught in and every bit of dust and dirt from the remodel

So, needless to say, we've got a lot left to do. And that's just in the bathroom! Take a look at what we have to do in other areas of the house -

Spare bedroom:
- clean out closet
- move storage boxes into closet (as much as possible)
- re-arrange what little furniture there is, including Austin's crate
- purchase and "install" (??) futon
- purchase something to put the TV on
- possibly throw out the old crappy desk that's in there (if we can find something else for our filing section)
- replace backplate for light switch (it's currently gold - ??)
- put in tall standing lamp from downstairs

Living Room:
- buy new tall standing lamp
- buy new curtains for window (to replace the too-small single curtain I have had ghetto-ly covering it since we moved in
- straighten up the built-in bookshelves (UGH!)

- there's not really anything that could save this kitchen, right now...

Master bedroom:
- hang new ceiling fan
- possibly re-arrange furniture (not likely - that junk is heeeeeaaavy!)
- get all folded clothes out of baskets and actually put away (quite a feat in our house)
- shoes in closets, instead of right by the door, where they are easily accessible
- persuade McStudly to let me buy the new bed set I want from BBB.

All over:
- MAJOR cleaning
- scrubbing of the previous owner's nastiness on the windows, etc (she was a smoker, and I haven't gotten to do this since we moved in)
- vacuum (again)
- mop hardwood (and probably sweep again)
- dusting

So a lot of it is basic cleaning stuff, but with all the bathroom remodelling and painting we've been doing, it hasn't been done as often. Last weekend I did a good clean sweep of the downstairs, to clean off the dining room table (well, almost all of it), sweep the kitchen, wipe down the stove (which I don't typically let get dirty), straighten up mail-drop area, sweep laundry stairs and mudroom, scrub downstairs bathroom sink... etc etc. McStudly vacuumed (what a lovey, right?!) for me and has been tremendously helping with other things as well. He's even off work this week (oh yeah, did I mention he's finally on terminal leave from the Air Force? Another post for another day...) and muscling everything around the house while I'm at work, to get it done before arrival day.

AND I have a friend or two coming over Saturday morning to help me with the final scrub-down before they get here that evening (THANK YOU LADIES!!! Any others want to join us? Lunch will be MY treat!), so that will be MARVELOUS!!!

So I guess that's it. Definitely do-able, as long as we get to work and quit the lolli-gagging! A note on the picture front: so far, there's been no luck with the finding of the bathroom pictures. Hopefully they'll turn up becuase I REALLY want to show you how much better the bathroom looks. Sheesh! But if not, I guess you'll only get pics of the finished product. *sigh

Well, I guess I'll catch you cats later... I gotta get to work!


April E. :) said...

I am pretty sure I have them on my home computer...you just gotta text me in the evening to remind me to look for them!!!

5th Belle Avenue said...

WOW, good luck with getting everything done! And good luck with the twice baked potatoes! They are sooo yummy, so I bet you will love them. I used Sweet Baby Rays Award Winning Original BBQ sauce that I'm sure your local grocery store will have. Depending on how many you are cooking for you may want to get two bottles. I can't wait to hear how it turns out!! Enjoy!

Lindsey said...

YAY for doing the painting, that's the toughest part in my opinion! Good luck with everything else!

Lindsey said...

I don't mind you stopping by. There will be 30 days of spring cleaning. It's a month-long challenge. From the looks of your post, you've been busy as well. Feel free to stop by anytime!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Wow! Good luck with all the projects! :)

The Mrs. said...

good luck getting it all done! It sounds like what youve accomplished so far is impressive.

5th Belle Avenue said...

Good luck!! I'll be dying to know how they turned out!!