Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Slackie McSlackerpants

I know... I know. I've been super busy!

The Grandparents' Visit:

They're gone, now, but it was SO great to have them in town. McStudly and I felt horrible that the house was such an awful mess while they were here, but we still had a good time with them. I took off work early a few of the afternoons so that we could spend some time together and it was lovely!

We went to downtown Annapolis and got some yummy Ice Cream. Walked around the docks and just relaxed in the beautiful weather. We also took Grandma out to dinner for her birthday on Tuesday. Happy birthday!!

McStudly was able to spend a lot of quality one-on-two time with them (haha) and it was really good for him to be able to catch up as much as they did. They'll be back in the area in a few more weeks for the results of the testing that brought them into town in the first place, and hopefully by then we'll have a nice put-together house for them to stay in. At least that's what we're aiming for! :-)

The House:

Speaking of the house, it's still in the same condition that it was last week. Carpet chunks missing. A walkway of bathroom rungs along the floors And I still can't walk around without shoes on, for fear of hurting my tootsies. No fun! But we at least have the companies lined up to do the work. One of them has already completed their estimate and are waiting to hear back from the insurance company to get to work, and the other should be coming out to make an estimate sometime this week, we believe.

Keep praying for us - having the house the way it is has proven quite stressful, and allows for Austin to constantly be getting into things. Ugh!! Hopefully this will all be over soon, and we'll be better off than we were before "the incident". ;-)

Youth Convention:

The trip to Virginia with the church's youth group proved to be quite an adventure. You get that big of a group of hormonal little humans together and there's bound to be some kind of drama. All in all, though, it was a lot of fun. I got to know some of the students a little better and think I built a little more of a relationship with them...

And a few of the girls seemed to really enjoy getting to meet "Bon Qui Qui". (my version of the Bon Qui Qui from that old MADtv skit. If you haven't seen Bon Qui Qui and King Burger, then you definitely need to check it out: "Esscuze me?! Don't you see dat I'm havin a convuhsation? Don't innarupt. Rude!" Oh... good times).

I have to admit, though - during the concert on Saturday, by The Afters, they did a little mini-Beyonce. No really. They started going "Alllll the single ladies..." and yes... they did it. And it's been stuck in my head ever since!!

The kids especially liked how I knew the little dance she did. I don't think they expected that. "Sarah, you are not white!" (I think that was supposed to be a compliment? Any other thoughts?!) We were laughing... and I was just a dancin' fool. It was good times, though. When you're sleep deprived and surrounded by teenagers, you tend to do some crazy things, that's for sure!!

We all got back in one piece, and there wasn't too too much drama to speak of. Thank the LORD!

Anything/Everything else:

Not much else is going on. The NFL draft is over, and Dallas drafted a WR from Oklahoma. That's the perfect mix of our favorite teams. Cowboys and Sooners... what a combination! :-)

And I almost forgot!!! A little over a year ago, My Dog Ate My Phone. No really... I'm not even kidding you. It was ruined. It was my favorite phone ever!! I got the original EnV before it was cool. AND it was orange. I LOVED that phone!! For real, man! But after the dog ate it, since I didn't have insurance on it (I know... I know: ALWAYS buy insurance!), we couldn't afford to pay full retail price for any of the Verizon phones (do you know how inSANEly expensive they are at full retail price. It's riDONKulous!). So I bought my Pap Bear's old Pocket PC (which I hated, btw) and used that until McStudly got a new phone. Then I used Mcstudly's old phone...

...until YESTERDAY!!!!!

I FINALLY got a new phone! And I LOVE my new Blackberry Storm. It really is awesome. I never tend to pay $200 (thanks to my two-year agreement) on a cell phone, but after going a year and a half with old hand-me-down phones, and not liking ANY of them, McStudly and I both thought that I had earned it.

We thought that we could do the whole "Buy-one, Get-one-Free" deal that they were having and get him a new phone as well, since he's not crazy about his Dare, but there's a catch (if course) to that deal. You have to either be adding a new line, or have both phones up for an upgrade. Since neither of those applied to us, my McStud will have to stick to his only one-year-old phone for another year until it's his turn.

But for now, here she is:

Meet Hally. (As in Berry - as in Blackberry... see? I'm pretty creative, I am I am.)

Isn't she pretty? I LOVE it! So far I have yet to figure out how, but I am also allowed to put songs onto my phone from my computer.. and don't worry, I DEFinitely bought insurance on this lil' lady. I am SO not playing that again! That'll save some money on not having to download ring tones, eh? :-)

And it really is neat how the screen clicks. *sigh* Yay for Verizon's two-year renewal agreements!! Soon I'll be purchasing a little silicone case-age for her as well. Probably pink. Of course... cause Pink, like Berry? I know... I'm awesome. :-P

Well, that about updates you on most things. How are things with you guys? I'm trying my best to catch up with everyones' blogs. I can't believe I went so long without reading/writing anything.

How did I EVER manage?


Lindsey said...

Gosh you ARE busy!! Congrats on the new phone!

April E. :) said...

So do you like it?? (..the phone...I'm guessing you do.)

Uhm...what's up with all the spaces in your post?

and I adore Bon Qui qui...she ma gurl.