Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You've GOT to be Kidding Me!

So we did it. Last night we primed our bathroom walls. It was a much anticipated event and I was SOOO glad we were finally to that point.

That is... until it happened. We started priming, and soon found that our primer would start to glob together instead of priming our service. It didn't do it in all areas, just the areas that our brush rolled over more than once. HELLO! It's PRIMER!! This is NOT supposed to ruin your service that you've worked so hard to prepare up to this point. It's supposed to make it BETTER!!

I, along with McStudly, was completely and totally irritated with this crappy excuse for a product. When we went to buy the stuff, we naturally were headed for the KILZ. But the Lowe's guy (what an idiot, for reasons other than this) told us that 1-2-3 Primer would be better.

What a load of SHITACKE MUSHROOMS!! It was AWFUL!!

So we tried to just finish the rest of the walls carefully. Minus the vast damage to the main focal wall in the bathroom, the rest of the room turned out fine. But how frustrating!!

Being the person that I am, today I googled "1-2-3 Primer" and called the company. No joke. we don't have money to just throw away on crappy products here, people. I need something that works and works right! HMPH!!

Anyways, I spoke with a real person relatively quickly, and come to find out, it wasn't the primers fault... not what I wanted to hear... but at least it wasn't our fault either, right? Well... kind've. When I told him what happened, the very well educated man, who actually knew what he was talking about (thank GOD!) responded with "eh - ma'am? Was there any wallpaper removed from the wall?" DOH!

"Yes, but we washed and treated the walls as we were supposed to, so that shouldn't effect anything... right?"

"Well," he says, "that's not entirely true. You see, even after you've treated the walls, a small amount of adhesive can still remain, unseen by the naked eye, and then when you go to apply a water-based primer, it slides instead of sticking to the surface, creating your 'globbing' effect." (I kind've liked how he used my oh so technical 'globbing' term)

"Oh..." Boy did I feel like an idiot.

He gave me an easy way to fix this problem, and suggestions for the next time we would be in the situation. Apparently, there's a product called "Cover Stain" that would help with the globbing, if we didn't want to scrub with a paint thinner, and then on any future walls that were covered in wallpaper, we should first use an oil-based primer. It would stick to even the adhesive, and prepare the surface for you... then you can go ahead with your top coat.

Did any of you guys go to painter's school? Because how in the WORLD are you supposed to know this stuff?

Well, anywho - we now have even MORE work to do with the almost non-existent time-table that we're working with. McStudly's grandparents will be here in... *counting*... 10 DAYS!!! They won't be staying at our house for 12 days, but their flight lands in 10 days!! So we wont' have much time to work on the house once they get here.

AAAHHHH!!!! My head is on fire! My head is on fire! Anybody live in the Ft. Meade area and willing to help a sister out??? I mean, I know it's Easter weekend and all, but did I mention - AAAHHH!!!!

In all actuality, I'm a bit of a paint-snob. I don't want anyone else to help with painting just because if it gets screwed up, I don't want someone else to be "inwardly" frustrated at. So unless they're professionals, and I could get my money back... ha ha... I don't want help with painting. BUT I do need help with the organization and decluttering of our spare bedroom, moving furniture around in our master bedroom, and re-priming our walls. So if you're in the area and up for that, help a sister OUT!

Thanks much. And for those of you begging for pictures (Lindsey!), I looked last night and can't seem to find the pics we took when we bought the house. Big Sis will look at her home computer and HOPEfully still have them, or you may be deprived of our hideous wallpaper job. *sigh* I know... disappointing it is, but trust me... I'll do what I can to make up for it.



April E. :) said...

stink! I forgot to look for the pictures...I will get right on that!!

jlc said...

Sooo I'm using your Shitake mushroom thing whenever I get the urge to use obscenities. :)

Don't forget about Phuket, Thailand...

Courtney said...

Ugh! Such a bummer!! At least you know for next time, right?