Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here's a pic of Baby Sierra Grace's booties and matching headband.  

What do you think??

I took it to her parents while they were still in the hospital, and she put the headband on her - it was too cute!!  I love this new-found hobby of mine.  It's a blast to make the stuff and then get to see them on such wittle cutsies!!

Okay - moving on to another project... this one is going to be slightly more adult then the  others.


Stefanie said...

You are so creative! I can sew, but honestly don't enjoy it, thank goodness my mom is the master seamstress in the family! She'd like you and your cute little baby stuff, I should send her a link and give her ideas for the future grandchildren my sister wants to give her :)

E. Chikeles said...

I seriously want these!! Do you have a pattern or are you selling?? The fabric you picked is sooo adorable!!

Sarah said...

I am loving following your projects!

How much do you sell your baby booties for?

Malia Marie said...

I can't even tell you how impressed I am!!