Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So We've been kicking it into high gear, lately, in the Deep End of the Puhl household.

Not only are my friend Queen Rosh and I still putting the finishing touches on our Etsy store (to soon be open, for those of you interested... it's only taken us, what, like 2 months, now?), but McStudly and I are also kicking it with repainting the entire first floor of our home. It usually takes lighting a fire under us to get things rolling, and since his mother will be in town in a few weeks, we thought it'd be the best excuse to finally get it done!

We started priming last week, and this weekend we will be painting (hopefully!). Then it'll just be about organizing and finishing things in the spare bedroom (FINALLY!).

And don't worry - there will DEFINITELY be pictures once everything is painted... whether they're cruddy lame-excuse pictures from my phone, or I finally end up locating the missing battery charger for my camera, you will get pictures!!

So there you have it. Lots of stuff going on. And hopefully once everything gets rolling (at home, and with Etsy) you will get the full scope on all of the above. I am still reading your blogs, just don't necessarily have time to write one of my own, right about now. But I'm staying in the loop so keep those posts coming!!!



Sarah said...

good luck with the painting

Jaime (@ fearfully and wonderfully made) said...

thanks for the comments! so, your "blogging style" cracks me up. and i'm pretty freaking jealous that you're crafty. okay, off to read more about your life. have fun painting!