Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Like I Said...

I told you all that I've been getting awfully crafty lately, right?! Well, if these people would quit having babies, I could move on to a few more projects I've been wanting to work on!

Just kidding.... kind've.

Two Pastors in our church, their wives were due to have babies this week. Well, one of them done had the thing! Ha ha. Baby Sierra was born today. Congrats you guys!! I'm sure she's quite the lucky gal.

The others are set to be induced at nidmight - er - midnight (Sorry... a little Rindercella humor, for those of you who may remember) Wednesday evening. Little Kilea will be here before we know it!!

So with all these pretty little girls coming into the world, of COURSE I've had to make some adorable little baby accessories, right?! So a little set of shoes & a matching headband or two may or may not have been made for when they're a teensie bit bigger. If you scroll down, you can see the set I made for little Kilea out of a little fabric leftover from turning a dress into a shirt.

Sierra's wasn't finished, just yet. I thought I had time until Sunday, but it looks like she had other plans and insisted that she come today! Hopefully I can get everything finished tonight, or at least sometime soon and before she's outgrown it! ha ha.

Anywho - that's that. BUT I wanted to show you guys the fabric I bought to make a pillow or two for our couches (I can FINALLY replace those horrendous pillows that came with... HOORAY!!). Check it out (picture of fabric is darker than reality):

And for those of you wondering, YES I have some things up my sleeves for some little boys. I'm hoping to send some stuff to a certain blogger friend of mine, when I finally get the chance to finish it all (she shall remain nameless until I finally finish it and ship it out... then again, it's not rocket science if you want to try and guess).

So - what do you think? If I had an etsy shop, would you buy from me? I'd be cheap, I promise... and there'll be more options coming, once I get the chance to put my brainstorming session down on paper - er - fabric? :-P



Kelly said...

I think those baby items are so cute!!! I might buy stuff from your etsy shop. Especially since I have been searching for new pillows for my couch as well. I hate the ones it came with. :( Let us know if you do!!!

April E. :) said...

lovely lovely.

It's so fun to see other ideas...we should do a tutorial swap!!!

Sarah said...

O my goodness.. how in the world did you make those super cute shose? I would totally buy from your etsy store.. also I feel bad for not ever posting that I'm soooooo sorry the cookies didn't really make it to you in one peice.. I was so upset!

Emily Jean said...

HECK YEAH! They are soo cute!

Lindsey said...

Oh those little shoes, so adorable!!!

Yanners said...

You're SUPER great at this, Monk!! So exciting and fun!! Love you!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

SOOO cute!!!

DIY Newlyweds said...

Aw those booties are so cute! Nice job!