Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today, I Hate Stairs.

McStudly and I decided that it was way past time for us to get healthy again. We're lazy. We eat like crap. And we've each gotten a little bit rounder, to prove it.

Not to mention that we want to feel healthier. That's the main thing for us, really. To not feel like "bleh" all the time. You know that feeling, right? Well. We know it all too well, my friend.

So Studly got this genius idea a little over a month ago to order P90X and give it a shot. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea, especially after hearing about how intense it is (the "X" does stand for "Extreme," people!), but I figured I'd go along with it. I honestly didn't think it would happen, since that is the pattern for us... but alas... it did.


Monday evening was my first crack at this exercise regimen.


I didn't even finish. I got through the first 30 minutes (5 of which are just warm-ups!), and was just done. I mean... I knew I was out of shape, but I felt like an IDIOT!

I don't do well with workout routines. I do fabulously with running (but only when it's not freaking cold outside... can't do it), and even run every other day... without fail. But when it comes to working out along with a DVD, that'd be a negative.

Now, I did workout to a pilates DVD a while back. And LOVED it! Not only did I see results after the fist week, but it is the kind of workout where you don't really feel much while you're doing it, necessarily, but then the next day... when you're unsuspecting and go full-force to sit up in bed - HOLLLYY mamaa!!!! You feel it.

And I seriously was able to SEE results, not just feel them, but actually SEE them (and other people, too) when I did it.

Now... back to this P90X mess. It's not for me. I know I only tried the 1st day. And though I'm typically a stubborn mule when it comes to things (ask anyone... they'll tell ya), I just don't see a point.

I don't want to be ripped.

I don't want an eight-pack.

I don't want guns (the muscle kind, people... focus). :-P

I don't want to look like a man (no offense, body builders... it's just not for everyone).

I don't want to be able to lift heavy boxes easily. What fun is that?!

But here's what else I don't want:

I don't want to be out of breath after walking up stairs... even slowly.

I don't want to choose clothing based on how NOT tight it is around my midsection (which may be unavoidable, due to the hiatal hernia I have, which causes food-babies after almost every meal).

I don't want to dread bathing suit shopping (this may be wishful thinking, I know).

I don't want to wait until hubby gets home to open some jars.

And most importantly...

I don't want to jiggle!

I mean... who does, right?!

But alas... I agreed last night, with Studly, that I would give it a week, IF he promised not to give me a hard time if I still chose not to continue. He kept trying to convince me that yesterday's workout wasn't as hard and that even HE wasn't able to finish the first workout, but felt much more encouraged after Day 2.

Bleh. FINE!

So here's my thought on workout routines.

It's all about what works best for you.

Now, that goes without saying that it can't be a cop-out. Saying "it only works best for me to walk once a week" is lame. Well... unless your goal is purely to maintain circulation. In which case - go for it, girlfriend. But if your goal is to improve your health, then find a routine that works for you... WITHIN reason.

In order to improve health, you have to retrain your body. And taking a walk once a week won't accomplish that.

You know how, when you go to the doctor, they ask if you workout? This is because doing some sort of regular workout is good for your OVERALL HEALTH! Not just to be skinny. Not just to wear fun workout clothes. But to keep your body doing what it's supposed to do... you need to maintain it, just like you would your home.

I'm not the best at maintaining my home, but it isn't a pigsty, either. And I'm sure you know that if you NEVER vacuumed, and NEVER washed the dishes, or did the laundry... your house would start to resemble an episode of Hoarders.

Who wants that (beyond the typical neighborhood hoarder, I mean)?!

In the same way, you have to take care of your body. It can't do it's job properly if you don't do yours.

**steps off soapbox**

So what was I saying? Ah yes. P90X sucks. For me, at least. I will try to finish out the week, as I promised Studly I would... but I won't like it! Sike. I really will try. But I will not rule out returning to my running/pilates routine if it's not my jig.

And Studly promised he'd be okay with that, too.

For those of you scoffing at my idea of pilates as a workout - try it first, and then we'll talk. McStudly seriously used to always mock me. He thought it was a joke (he also thinks that the elliptical machine is "only for fat people", but I gave him 'the look' and told him that he needs to keep his mouth shut until he actually uses one, because it IS, in fact, a SERIOUS cardio/leg-toning workout!)... but then he had to take a pilates class for PT one week, when he arrived to late for the ultimate frisbee (or whatever sorry excuse the Air Force had for PT that day)... And the next day? He was HURTING!! He said it was WAY more intense than he thought it'd be and he has not even ONCE again said anything negative about it.

One of the things I love about pilates is that on top of toning your muscles (not bulking, toning) and making you feel amazing afterwards... you also stay flexible. And there aren't a lot of workouts that successfully do both. I literally feel like I've lost range of motion with just my .5 of a P90X workout this week.

Stairs and I? We're not currently friends.

But to summarize - I don't want to overheat again, and feel like a failure when I work out. I want to be encouraged and feel GOOD. I want to look forward to my next workout, not dread it and look for any sliver of an excuse not to accomplish it.

Anywho... that's that.

I suck at P90X, and I'm okay with that.

So what are you all doing to be healthier these days?


Lindsey said...

I haven't tried P90X yet. I just can't spend that kind of money on an exercise video lol. I don't want an 8 pack or look like a man either. It's boring huh? Hmm I would recc "Last Chance Workout" it goes fast and Jillian is goofy in it!

Monica Dawn. said...

You're SO funny! Tico was threatening P90X before little Valentina popped into my belly... She is my lifesaver.... Because I am terrified of that thing. Currently Prenatal yoga is as wild as I get. After V comes, I might get back into my Aerobics thing. Carmen Electras Aerobic striptease is really good... and she's fully clothed the whole time! :-D And you can skip the 'striptease' parts- I just like dancing to get in shape because it doesn't 'feel' like excercise... it feels like FUN!