Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Austin's Antics

My little dog is growing up. He's not so little anymore... see here:

Here's the shot the breeder posted on the site, of him (his little spot on his bottom is how we picked him out!):

And here are some shots taken just DAYS after we got him:

The cutest puppy ever!

Too nervous to come out, at first.

"Wow - Hey, Mister... you're tall!" Sitting next to BIG Uncle Luke.

He makes friends fast - sitting on Mal-mal's lap (he looks like he's smiling!).

Look how little he is jumping up at his Momma!

NOW let's see how big got in another 4.5 months:

He's HUGE!! And the best part - he's not even done growing, yet!!! He's growing like a weed, man!

Isn't he SUCH a cute puppy?!?! When i can get my internet to allow me, I'll upload some videos of him in action for you.

Love y'all!!


April E. :) said...

Aweee Mommy and Austin...he is growing gast. Almost as tall as Luke now!!! yikes!

- Sarah :-) said...

I know!! He's like a weed, I'm telling you. And Luke's the biggest dog, like EVER!!

Kyle said...

And he used to be so cute...:-(