Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vacation, here we come!!

I'm SO ready for our vacation!! We're leaving June 24th, and returning around... uh... July 2? Something like that. I am SO excited!!!
We are going up toWisconsin, to see McStudly's family, and possibly up to his Grandfather's cabin in Minnesota. Plus - we're taking Austin, so the kids are looking forward to that, from what we hear. And if Austin understood that he'd be running amongst lots of open land and playing with kids, then I'm sure he'd be really looking forward to it, too.

So - Austin loves to ride in the car. If I had pictures, I would post them, but I haven't taken any of him in the car for some time, now. He loves it! It's all about watching the cars and trees and people pass that just keeps him staring out the windows. He does lay down sometimes, but as soon as he hears or sees the tip of something, he's back up and at the window, staring it down! This 17 hour road trip is going to be a blast with him, I'm sure. (PLEASE tell me you sense the sarcasm in there somewhere)

So I called the Vet the other day (after I got pulled over for tags that expired on Friday - WOOPSIE!! Just got a warning though, Cory... I batted my eyelashes, and pulled my shirt down just a bit... SIKE - we all know the pulling the shirt down wouldn't get me anywhere. ha ha... and of course we know I'd never do it!), and I'm still wiating a call back about what we can give our little pup.
Apparently, they have all kinds of sedatives. It really depends on how drugged up your want your dog. I mean - do you want him passed out the entire time... do you want him to just be sluggish and relaxed, etc. And then you have to decide if you want this to last for the duration of the trip, or just for the middle part... blah blah blah. SO I will let you know what is decided, but we're REALLY hoping it's not too pricey. I mean... can't we jsut lock him in the trunk or something?! (JUST kidding... please don't call the NY Animal Police on me). You really jsut have to decide between the MaryJ type sedative effects, and the Heroin type sedative effects. Hard choice, really.

Well, our trip is only about 21 days away (3 weeks exactly!) and I'm SO EXCITED!!! I can't wait to be there!! Well, really - I can't wait to NOT be here! I just need to get away. I'm SO ready!!


Here's the fam we're going to see:

These are Kyle's little brothers, the mini-McStudlies - Wyatt (left) and Tynan (right).

More pics coming - waiting for them to load...


April E. :) said...

Yippeee yeah for VACA's! I am majorly excited about ours as well. And you are traveling with Austin...have a ball with that one...I would sedate them like the whole way...actually no I wouldn't...I would just like majorly cover up my entire car with blankets!!! You know, for little accidents!!!

- Sarah :-) said...

Yes - covering the car is a MUST! Plus sedation... not sure HOW sedated we're talking, yet... still waiting for the vet's call.