Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grandpa and the MaryJ

Monday night, McStudly and I went to Mama and Papa Bear's house to go swimming, let the pup get worn out by Luke (their Yellow Lab), and have dinner with the family one more time while Aunt Sylvia is in town.

Before reading further, please refer back to Mighty Good - a blog about my shortcomings as a cook, through the opinion of my Grandfather... good times.

Now that you've done your homework (you read it, right?), I can continue on with my Story.

So we're sitting around the dinner table - eating, talking, laughing - when I reached a point where I no longer needed to receive a "Mighty Good" from my grandfather. I have accomplished something far greater and nothing will ever beat that (yes, April - it's EVEN better than him thinking everyone gets married in Cleveland, and the silly grin on his pool-side-climbing face).

Aunt Sylvia began expressing her opinion that my Grandpa was now addicted to Soda, as she poured him another glass.

My father begins explaining, as we all laugh, that she is the one pouring his drink, and thus feeding his addiction.

She comes back with something along the lines of "But Zelma says he loves it. He prefers it, even. He drinks it all the time out there and now he doesn't want anything but that." (Sorry, Sylvie - I dont' remember your exact words)

We're all laughing at this point... and Dad points out, AGAIN, that SHE is the one pouring his drink at the moment.

So I chime in, complete with my dripping sarcasm and half-attempt at a poor southern accent - "He's the one that smokes the marijuana, I just give it to him."

Queue family laughter...

wait for it...

wait for it...


Queue grandpa laughter!

HIIIILLLARIOUS!! You should've been there. Oh my word. If I could explain it to you, you'd be wetting yourself, right about now. It was tooo funny!

I love my Grandpa... even if he does have to ask McStudly what service branch he's in everytime we go over there, and then proceeds to "promote" him each time, as well.

(If Grandpa was in charge, Kyle'd be a Captain... sometimes it's just easier to say "yes" to his questions then to explain to him the truth by yelling it as loud as you can so he can hear you.)

So - here's to Slater and promotions.

God Bless America.


April E. :) said...

Yeah for SLATER!!! :) Lovint the Mary J and Soda :)