Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Enough is Enough

This whole thing with my Neighbor has gone far enough.

No. Scratch that - it has gone WAY past "enough" and straight into "completely ridiculous" territory.

I got a call from the Health Department again this morning and it went something like this:

Mr. Moulton (MM): Hello Mrs Puhl, this is Thomas Moulton with the Health Department again. How are you today?

Me: I'm doing alright, how about yourself?

MM: I'm doing well. Hey listen, I had a voicemail waiting for me when I came in this morning, again. Would it be possible for you to just clean up every day, now?

Me: Well, I actually cleaned it up everyday this weekend, but my dog does still have to go again, even after I've cleaned it up. I even cleaned it up yesterday, so there's barely a pile back there from when he went this morning. I am not able to clean it up daily while my husband is away, as my schedule has been pretty crazy, but I do clean it up as soon as I have the chance, so I'm not sure why she's called again.

MM: I understand. That's fine. We will need to come out again and take another look.

Me: That's totally fine. Actually - I'll go ahead and leave what's out there so that you can see what it looks like when she calls and complains. There's barely a pile - I'll call it a pile and a half, because he spreads it around sometimes when he's not done, but that's really all. You are welcome to come and take a look, and pleas feel free to call me at work. The number is... [insert work number here]. I should be at that number in about an hour, and then all day.

MM: Thank you for your help, Mrs. Puhl. There was no violation last time I came out, but I will be taking another look today.

Me: I understand, and if you wouldn't mind also working with the HOA regarding the matter as well...

MM: I've spoken with them, and they've just requested a copy of the report.

Me: Great. Well I look forward to hearing your report later today. And please do let me know if I can help in any way. Again, I do clean up whenever I can, especially since we talked last - it hasn't gone more than 2 days before being cleaned up.

MM: Thank you Mrs. Puhl. I'll give you a call when we've finished the inspection and report.

Well - not very exciting (he's a very enthusiastic man *pretty sarcastic on that one, by the way*), but you get the point. There's no violation, but they are following up again, anyways.

What kind've got me was that he just started with a "Can you just clean it up everyday?" Umm... no. The whole point of the matter is that she's trying to dictate how we handle our backyard. It doesn't work that way. We are homeowners. She can't dictate to us, just as we can't dictate to her, what is done in OUR property.

This has gone far enough. She's gotten smart enough not to say anything to me, but if I know her like I think I do, she won't be able to keep her mouth shut long enough. And you'd better believe that the next time she says anything to me, she'll get not only a piece of my mind, but a nice visit from the police for harassment. It may sound something like this:

Neighbor Lady (NL): Blah blah blah

Me (M): You know, you are being very silly about this whole matter. And I'm not tolerating this any longer. I've been patient with you and tried my best to be a good neighbor, but it's just not enough for you. We will not be pushed and bullied around. We live here now, and we will be living here for a long time. I don't come and complain to you about everything you do that I don't like, and I CERTAINLY do not call the HOA and the HEALTH department about the things I do not like that happen in your home and in your private backyard. This whole thing has gone far enough and I will not sit back and take it for another minute.

NL: (probably trying to cut me off, though I'll keep talking and not let her stop what I'm saying) blah blah blah... wah wah wah...

M: *walk away, even if she's still talking, and call the police*

Yes. It's very simple. And very short and to the point. But I have had it. I am done. Everyone involved is now tired of the situation. The HOA has no further interest in the matter, beyond keeping things documented, as they have informed her that we are NOT in violation. The Health Department has informed her once already that there has been no violation, and will probably have the same report later today. And they, too, are just tired of the situation.

I don't know who else she can call. She's got nothing. She's been told by ALL of her avenues that she's got nothing. And yet she presses on. I've had it.

I may look young and seem innocent, but when I've had it - stay clear. And that's the point I've reached today. The funny thing is that I'm still having a good day. I laughed when I got off the phone with Mr. Moulton, and I even laughed on the phone with Keri from the HOA. It's still a good day. And it will stay that way because she's got nothing.

But I tell you what - it may be a different story for her, today.

I have a question for you - why are people like this? I mean seriously? Why do people make it their goal in life to make other people miserable?

I'm just SO done with all of this.


April E. :) said...

they are small and petty people. They feel insignifigant and insecure most likely. Just follow your plan...and even if she cuts you off and you can't get through your whole message...walk away and call the police. She needs to get the message once and for all. And seriously...IF the health department says anything other than you are not in violation, I would asking for exact documentation from the law books that says what I am in violation of. Especially with just a pile and a half.

Angie said...

You should start documenting the times that she smokes on her deck. That should be some kind of violation at least as much as the pile of poop is. It's bad when you can't even open your windows and get fresh fall air because of the NL smoking out there!

And keep track of the bushes or vines you said that grow over to your deck and yard from hers.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness, I'm not sure I understand. Is your dog pooping in your yard, and she gets upset about it? Is she an older lady? Just curious... Because I mean, she could have lived a miserable life and thinks that it's only fair that the pretty neighbor girl and everyone else should be miserable too. So silly and sad.

Then again, I don't know anything about her. xD