Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall Fashion Fever

Am I the only one who gets it?

Not only do I LOVE the fall season, but I LOVE fall fashions (weather my budget agrees with me, or not)! I am addicted to SHOES, but am not allowed to buy any, unless I already have an outfit to go with them... because trying to buy things in the opposite order never works for me, and I'm stuck with these awesome shoes I can't wear.

So I've already got my eye on a few things, and am hoping to have my wallet on them as well, as soon as I can find a place to shop that carries clothing which actually FITS me the way it's supposed to!! (I'm not bitter, or anything)

But I thought I'd let you all in on a bit of my dilemma, when it comes to clothe shopping.

I am a pretty small girl.

*NEWS FLASH*, I know... but seriously... I'm not teeny tiny, but I am on the smaller end of things, with a smaller chest, longer legs, and I still consider myself an average sized person (unless I'm "undergarment" shopping, but I'll spare you that drama and detail).

I am also 22 years old.

*SHOCK AGAIN*.... yeah yeah yeah... bear with me. This means that I no longer want to dress like I'm in high school (not that I dressed all that well back then, but you get my point).

This brings us to my dilemma: finding clothes that FIT properly, without having to buy clothes that add to the misconception that I'm freaking 12 years old.

Okay - I am glad that I'm on the smaller side of things, DON'T get me wrong, but do you have ANY idea how hard it is to shop? To just find a simple pair of jeans that fit me - that aren't butt/skin tight, too short, crotch-cut-low, hoo-hah huggers, or on the flip side of things - mom style high cut, baggy on the "abdomen", or oddly colored... it's like IMPOSSIBLE!! And like I said, I'm pretty average sized - as in I know lots of people that look to be about my size or so, but I can't seem to FREAKING find out where they buy their FREAKING jeans, without having to pay $80 per pair!! And I'm almost to that point, but now I'm running into this problem - even places like Banana, Express, and Ann Taylor don't sell my FREAKING sizes!!

And don't even get me started on the sweaters and tops/coats/jackets. I absolutely LOVE them ALL, but again they're either too short, too baggy, too "old", too hoochie, or too stupid expensive.

I sware - if I had the money (or the even REMOTE ability to sew my own clothing), I'd start my own fashion line and make my OWN clothes. I just can't take it anymore and I can't be the only girl with this problem!

I'm sorry. I hear people say all the time "Oh I'd LOVE to have your problem", and what have you, but it's so frustrating! Just ask my husband... he thought I was exaggerating, but then he went shopping with me... I believe I tried on at LEAST 15 - 20 different styles and pairs of jeans between a few different stores, and none - count them: NONE - of them fit me. And see some of the CUTEST outfits, and get the most AWESOME ideas for clothes, but still... nothing. My mother and I were at Goodwill last Friday night, and I tried on at LEAST 10 pairs of jeans (and at goodwill, you know that's a TOTALLY huge variety of styles and sizes and what-have-you), but none... NONE of them fit me. And I don't mean like they kind've did, but I didn't like any of them, no - I mean none of them fit me properly.

It's just something I have to get over, but it's so hard. I see other girls that seem to be my size or at least close to it, and I LOVE their clothes!! But then in reality, they're either not really my size, and I just have a distorted inability to estimate that kind of thing, or they paid like 5-million dollars for it (obvious exaggeration here, people) and I both possibilities suck!

So I've resorted to trying to shop in European-esque stores like H&M and what-not, but I don't like skinny jeans, and I'm no 8 feet tall, which apparently they all are (according to the "regular" length pants, anyways). I'd LOVE to go into stores like United Colors of Bennetton, but I don't think I'd even be able to afford to breathe the AIR in that store. So I'm stuck drooling at the clothes in the window as I walk by... sullen and depressed at my "luck" in finding clothes.

Am I seriously the ONLY one with this problem? Or is there a widespread epidemic that no one seems to care about...

Woe is me.


April E. :) said...

I was on the other end of the cute big girl the weight is coming off I am finding more of my happy place...however I have make the wallet happy too. When will the world be right?

*and again I say, are you SPACE crazy?*

Malia Kell Photography said...

yeah, i feel your issues...I lost 70lbs so I've been a lot better since then, but it's realllllly frustrating still...I finally got to the point where I was like ya know what, whatever, and I saved up some decent money to buy new clothes (since all I was wearing were gym clothes because they were all that fit semi-cute [all the others were falling off me]) and I went to Nordstrom and spent some time with a personal shopper. These people are knowledgeable!!! Trust me! They will give you not only style advice, but tayloring advice, as well as fitting you with everything they can muster up in the store. Here's the thing: you DON'T have to buy a ton of clothes, don't feel obligated just because you spent 2 hours with one woman you have to buy everything she put on you! I bought a pair of jeans, a couple shirts and a jacket and then I went to other more inexpensive stores to fill out the rest of my much needed wardrobe. So don't fret. It can be done! It might take some tayloring but it CAN be done!

ps...I will have pics of me and Shawn as soon as POSSIBLE! :) :) :)