Monday, September 22, 2008


Here we are - it's Monday morning, and I'm only partially dreading the week, for a change.

Why, you may be asking yourself?!

Because I started my new job today! I'm super excited!! The lady I'll be training with and eventually working along-side is this super sweet older lady. And I actually get my own desk/cubicle area. WOOHOO!! Isn't that awesome? Yes... yes it is, you should be telling yourself. (If you knew anything about where I worked, you'd be jaw-drop-excited for me, right now)

But other than that, I have an entire week in front of me, and not really many plans, if any (if I have plans with you this week, please let me know, because I can't remember anything right now, ha ha).

It's going to be a good week.

PS: I know I missed "My Husband Rocks Friday" last week, but in all fairness I don't have a computer outside of work, so... I think I should get a "pass" on that one. But just to make up for it - My Husband Rocks, because he knows how to deal with me when I have emotional breakdowns over a stupid shower curtain rod... (don't ask) and start sobbing to him over the phone late at night. The poor thing... never saw it coming.


He's so fantastic. I love you, McStudly!!