Thursday, September 25, 2008

NL Update

So... either she read my post and took some valium, or my experiment is working.

The Neighbor Lady (NL) won't so much as look at me (which is fine by me, while this whole thing blows over), much less try and talk to me. She hasn't spoken a word to me, or tossed me a glance since our last encounter.

I did, however, come home to a nice business card sticking in my doorway, yesterday, from a man that works for the Health Department... this should be interesting. But alas, I called and he was "out in the field" until this afternoon. I will definitely update you one where THAT conversation should lead.

But before I even got to my stairs, I was greeted by Grace (our 80-year-old, work-out loving old lady OTHER neighbor that sold me girl scout cookies the other day) and a nice hispanic gentleman that didn't speak much English, both standing and waiting for me. (Grace is a special kind of woman, but she's at least nice about it, for the msot part) She introduced me to Francesco (you can't make this stuff up, people), and informed me that he does odd jobs around the area and would be willing to clean up my back yard, becuase "Janet's really been fussing at you about that, lately."

Me: "It's actually all clean. There's nothing back there."

Grace: "Then what's she been fussing at you about?"

Me: "I don't know..." *shrugs shoulders

Francesco: *puzzled look of non-understanding de eengleesh

[slapping my own hand "not nice, Sarah... that was not nice to say!"] You'll have to excuse me, being alone causes me to talk to myself more... even so far as punishing myself for saying mena things... MOVING on...

ANYwho, I'm still waiting to hear back on what the Health Department has to say about my back yard... and while I wait, I'm still mid-experiment.

My sister helped with the idea, really (Thanks, Ape!), and so far, it's seemed to work. Amazingly enough, when she can't SEE the poop, she can't seem to smell it, either. Hmm... interesting...

I have a little "poop jaw", as I like to call it, and I just grab his little piles, when he's done making them, and move them under my deck, into a corner she can't see. When it piles up enough, I will clean it up, but this is REALLY just to prove that there is NO problem with my backyard, except that she can't STAND to lok over into our backyard and see a pile or 2 or 3 (which there is NO law against, mind you).

I will keep you updated along with the progress of the experiment, but so far, so good. HOWEVER, he did have a little... umm... "gooey" pile this morning (I'll spare you too many of the details), and as any dog owner knows, you may as wel not even TRY to pick it up, if you don't have to, until it's nice and... umm... hardened. So - there's a LARGE possibility that she may say something to me this afternoon, but I've already been advised the call the police, should that happen. I just REALLY REALLY hope it doesn't come to that.

*crossing fingers

I think that's enough of an update, for now. For those of you who are squeamish, I apoligize for the gag reflex I've conjured up in you today. I will try to spare you in the future...



April E. :) said...

Yeah it works...but she's still nuts.

Anonymous said...

ha, I still wouldnt change what you were doing...its not against the law to have poop there..its your property and its not like its out of control. crazy lady. the health dept cant do anything either. Shes just trying to scare you.