Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who What When Where WHY

We unpacked the kitchen last night (thanks to Jamily), so that means we're officially moved in, right?

WRONG! Because we still have a BAZILLION other boxes to unpack. BUT I was finally able to cook dinner last night, and it was SOO yummy. Spaghetti. It really hit the spot.

Little by little we'll be unpacking, but the most frustrating part of it all is that I can't find anything! It's insane!! And having a little sister who labels boxes with the words "Random Stuff" doesn't help, much (why even label it, then?)! But at least she still helped out. Thanks Bekah and Mandy!

And My mother and Sister totally cleaned the new place before we moved in. It is SOOO nice not having to worry about what kind of germs and funk the other person left behind. Thanks Momma Bear and April!!

And then there's my Dad and McStudly (and Jonas!) - the heavy lifters... the muscle. A BIG shout out to the movers and shakers! You guys were awesome. Thank you, Papa Bear, McStudly, and Jonas!!

So there will be updates and pictures in the near (hopefully) future. And be sure to pray for our sanity as we sort through everything and try to find room for it!!

Love y'all!


April E. :) said...

oh girl you got room!!! haha! It will all come together, you just have to make the time to unpack at least 3-5 boxes a day. That is what I did. It will be done in no time!