Monday, October 6, 2008

525,600 Minutes

That's how many there are in a year... and I think after this past year, we've all started measuring time a little bit differently. Why, you may ask?!

Let me essplain dis to joo:

One year ago today, she was in recovery. In the CSICU, to be exact. But she was strong, and would come out feeling better and more healthy then she could even remember.


October 4, 2008, my mother entered a last-minute "CABG 5" (said "cabbage five") heart bypass surgery, and was on the table for about 7 hours. So we waited.

It was tough, but we all tried to stay light-hearted, and made frequent (VERY frequent) trips over to the Great Cookie and the cafeteria for a change of pace and nice refreshing drink.

After her surgery, Thursday evening, she was moved into the Cardiac Ward for recovery on Sunday, and then discharged on Tuesday with lots of meds, and a BIIIG list of dos-and-don'ts for us all to follow. But it was nothing compared to getting our Mom back. It was along road of recovery, but 1 year later, she's 45-lbs lighter and feeling better than ever!

So on Saturday, we decided to go back to the hospital and visit the awesome staff that helped give her a life back. So she made some heart-healthy chocolate cookies for them (thanks to Food Network) and packaged them up in two containers. And then put some fiber-muffins and a singing card in a bag for Dr. Brown. Dr. James Brown, that is... and "OOOOWWWW!" She feels good, thanks to him... the singing card proves it! ;-)

Well, surprisingly to us, people apparently don't really do that kind of thing. All of the staff and nurses were completely shocked and so grateful that we remembered them. They were all smiles, especially when told that their cookies were heart healthy. Unfortunately, Dr. Brown wasn't in, so we left his bag with the CICU staff, with a promise that they'd deliverer it to him, and not eat his goodies.

There were a few times where mom got a little emotional, but that is totally understandable. This awesome hospital and amazing staff gave us our Mom back, and healthier and happier than ever before. We owe the people of the University of Maryland Medical Center a lot - because of them, my mom was able to not miss-out on lots of amazing things. And because of them, she was able to feel even better while enjoying them. We are SO grateful to them, and Mom just can't even put into words how appreciative she is.

And of COURSE I took pictures! Here are a few shots from our day out and about:

Mom's writing out her Thank-Yous.

Dr. Brown's Goodie bag, and singing card.

Getting packed up and ready to go!

Luke watching us - this is pretty much as excited as he gets.

Just adding the finishing touches.
The Happy Helper/Escort (aka: Moi!)

He's just a bucket full of good times, this dog... and getting impatient.

This is where the magic happened.

6th floor or bust!

Almost there!

And this is where we waiting... that "circle" of seats riiiiight there.

Her "5 Star" Accommodations.

They moved her into this area after she left the CICU. So she gave the cookies to the front desk secretary who was OH so grateful!

Bragging on her weight loss, telling her story and saying Thank You.

Pointing out her room to the CICU Nurses.

Thanking them, and telling them about Nurse David - the tattoo covered "favorite".

Striking a pose with friends... and life-savers.

There are always TONS of balloons lost to the ceiling, and we thought we even remembered some of the same ones from last year!

Yep - that's where it all went down!

Speaking of going down... this is mom taking it all in and admiring the view from the elevator.

And this is the view.

The little shop we frequented during our 7-hour stint in the Cardiac waiting area.

Just showing some UMMC love.

Want some proof?

We've got your proof RIGHT here...

Just a random shot, but we thought it was funny that homeboy was just-a-chowing down while he was sitting on their sign. ha ha ha

Just another random shot.

The whole kit-n-caboodle.


Well there you have it. Mom and I talked about how fun it would be to do this every year on her surgery's anniversary. So hopefully next year all of us will be able to go back together and thank them again. This isn't the kind of anniversary you can accidentally forget. It's the day she got her life back.

Thank you, UMMC, and Thank you Dr. Brown. Our family is forever grateful to have our Mom back and happier than ever! You guys are awesome - keep up the good work!!


Angie said...

Geesh...............You guys didn't tell me that I needed a pack of kleenex today at the office.

Thanks Sarah for taking the field trip with me and being my excort. It was a great experience.

I love you all very much and again say I am very blessed to have such a wonderful family to share my life with.

April E. :) said...

OH yeah! I am so glad that it went well!!! See Mom...they changed your life so you could change others! :)