Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pet Peeves, Plans, and Other Bloggy Goodness

Have I mentioned before how much I HATE IT when I can hear people's mouth noises? It drives me CRAAAZZZY!!!!

I sit on the other side of a room from this guy - at LEAST 10 feet away, with his cubicle wall adn my cubicle wall (and a small walkway) between us. And I can STILL hear his FREAKING mouth noises! IT'S SO GROSS!!

I am like tensing up and all itchy (like when you hear nails on a chalkboard - yeah. Exactly!). This is sofrigginirritating!!!

I can't handle it. I may have to go for a while. SohelpmeGOD! I may just throw my stapler!!


Sorry - I don't handle it very well. I need a timeout.


ANYwho - what's on YOUR agenda for the week's end and the weekend? I have to find costumes for McStudly and I (my idea for Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson was shot down rather quickly). Our Underground (that's the Young Adult group at church, not anything scandalous) Halloween Party at church is Sunday evening, and we've got NOTHING! Granted, I was having enough trouble figuring out my own costume before he came home. Now, I have to pick it out for BOTH of us, becuase he'll be working 12 hours a day until Saturday night.

He also said "I want you to pick them. That way if I look stupid, I can say I didn't pick it out." Niiice, McStudly. Thanks for that. No pressure or anything, right?! *blank face*

Any ideas? And preferrably something I can buy, relatively cheap at a local Target, Walmart, or Halloween store, that doesn't involve cleavage (umm, hello... have you seen me lack thereof?), blood and gore, or anything innapropriate. I also have to be able to wear it to the youth service the following Wednesday. Keep that in mind.

Since THAT knocks out about... oh... say 3/4 of the options that currently exist, I'll say I'm stink-outta-luck! I know I'll find something, but it won't be anything great or memorable.

I'm fresh out of the creative juices. I've got nothing.

Wow. What happened to me?! I used to be good at this stuff. My fuddy-duddy husband is ruining my Halloween spirit.

Pssh... let's face it - I didn't have much (if any) this year anyways. Who am I kidding?!


Malia Kell Photography said...

So it's not that this is some fantastical idea....but what if YOU went as the Air Force *(insert rank here cuz I don't know Kyle's rank)* and your McStudly went as the civilian? You could make him wear a big sign around his neck that the wives always make when they're soldiers come home that say the traditional, you know, I Love Yous...orrrr Proud *wife* (in this case husband) of a soldier...orrrrr you know...those sappy things, and make him like wave around an american Flag all night and you can like dress up in his Cammies and boots and carry around his ruck sack and yeah! Just be opposites! lol...Like I said, I know it's not AMAZING! (Cuz frankly I loved you're idea of being Romo and Simpson...but maybe that's a chick thing...) But Hey, it's cheap!? and you've already got everything you'll need! And people would think it's cute? haha...let me know what you decide to do... :) :) :)