Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well, It's About Dang Time!

Hey guys! Sorry - I'm a slacker. I was actually sick yesterday... McStudly gave me a fun version of whatever it is he came home with, and I was battling it yesterday. I think it won, because I'm still battling it, but I am feeling a lot better. Finally!

Well, yesterday afternoon, after my fever finally broke, McStudly wanted to go out and look at bedroom furniture. He's going back to work tomorrow, so we were short on time. So... I drugged up and we headed out. First Showman Furniture... then Roomstore... and finally Value City Furniture.

AND *ding ding ding* We HAVE a winner folks!! Value City's prices and warranty's, plus their low (compared to most) delivery/set-up fee made it the perfect place for our furniture purchase.

We found one set that we both loved:

But unfortunately, the Chest (tall dresser) was out of stock, and back ordered until December 3rd (not cool for McStudly!), so we moved on. We both really liked it, but what can ya do, folks?!

As it turned out, the furniture we "moved on" to was actually a much better deal. We got a free lifetime warranty on the set. Everything was in stock, and it's quality, real wood furniture from American Signature, so it's really nice. Here it is:

That's it! And this next picture actually has the bed that we got (even though we both LOVED the canopy bed above, this bed was only $100 with the dresser and chest. Gotta love a good deal!).

By the time we had decided on this set, I was WAY past ready to go home. We signed the papers, paid for it all, and then went on our way. I was back to feeling not-so-good, so I was VERY glad that dinner was already in the crock-pot and almost ready to eat when we got there.

So here I am, today, back at work, and wishing I was at home and cuddling in bed with my warm McStudly. Why is it that I've found it harder to get out of bed now that he's home, again?



April E. :) said...

Very nice...and ohhh that canopy bed would have been awesome in your bedroom with those ceilings!! Nice pick still :)

Angie said...

Nice job...When is it being delivered? Good choice although I really did like the canopy bed.