Monday, October 27, 2008

Hold on to Your Suspenders, folks!

What?! No one really wears those anymore?? Well, I heard they're coming back in to style (unfortunately)...

ANYwho - I am in class today and tomorrow, so I won't really be able to blog, unless we get out early (which is possible). BUT I have a few things coming for you later this week:

- Pics fromt he Underground Halloween Party last night
- Pics of our new bedroom furniture (which is being set up as I type!!)
- possibly some pics from The Youth's Neewollah (Yes - that is Halloween spelled backwords, for those of you who are not lisdexic - err... uhh - dislexic).

Good times... good times.

Anywho - check it later, and you won't be sorry!!

Toodles for now! ;-)