Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sorry I've been such a slacker. McStudly's grandparents are in town again, this week, and I've been in and out of work so that they could get to the house, and not be totally bored out of their minds. I tried to send a pic from my phone yesterday, but for whatever reason it didn't work. Hmm... I'll try that again later.

Well, the house will be in a NORMAL state as of Wednesday at Noon-ish. YAY!!!! They are coming to install our bathroom vanity so we'll finally have SINKS again and will no longer be washing our hands in the bathtub when we go to the bathroom up there. ha ha ha - it's been QUITE an experience my friends. I'm so glad it'll be over soon.

Another ... eh... experience occurred this morning - McStudly and I are sleeping in the spare bedroom (where I believe Hell made a visit during the night... it was SOOOO stinking hot in there!) while his grandparents have our bed. This means we're sharing with Austin and his crate. I awoke to the beautiful sound of him gagging this morning. Twice. Lovely, huh? Well, I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep when (if you're squeamish, stop reading here. You have been warned) I heard him licking at something. You know... it sounded like he was eating at something.

He can't be...

Oh yes he was - he wasn't gagging, folks, he threw up. And blesshislittleheart he decided he should clean it up all by himself. EWW!!

So I had to drag myself out of bed and do a complete clean out/wipe-down of his crate. How's THAT for a wake-up call?


There's a reason we don't have kids, yet, people. Add this to the list. Gross!!!!

Okie doke - that's already more than I'm sure you wanted to know. Hope you have an awesome, vomit-free week!


PS: It looks like he threw up because of a... waitforit... STICK that he ate yesterday. ???


April E. :) said...

yumm. At least he was a doll and got most of the mess up for ya! :/