Monday, June 29, 2009

Aww Shucks!

Young Mom/Wife over at I Took The One Less Traveled By... gave me an award! How awesome is that?! Her blog is totally real and she's definitely one of the most Honest blogs I read, for sure!

So now I'm supposed to tell you all 10 things that you may or may not know are true. I'm not all that exciting, but I'll do my best and hopefully I won't disappoint! ha ha. But let's remember, folks - what happens at the Deep End of the Puhl STAYS at the Deep End of the Puhl! (wow... did that sound kinda dirty to anyone else?! Or was it just me and my totally inappropriate mind? Yeah, more than likely)


Here goes nothing!

1 - I'm somewhat OCD. I won't go into too much detail because I think I'll scare most of you away, but it's with numbers and counting, along with symmetry. Weird, right?! For someone who doesn't even remember to spellcheck her blog, most of the time, to actually be OCD about something? Yeah yeah yeah...

2 - I feel like my house is clean when surfaces are not cluttered and laundry is done and put away. Needless to say, I don't often feel like my house is clean.

3 - I grew up a PK (Pastors Kid). Yes, I know there is a stigma about how bad they can be and that always drove me nuts!! I used to get so mad when people from church would say things like "You should know better - your father is a Pastor!" Jeesh - I was just a kid!

4 - I have a disease called FIM. Some of you may have heard of it... the FIM stands for Foot In Mouth". The problem? It carries over into my blogging, as well. If I offend you, I apologize... it's the disease talking. They don't make medication for it, and from what I hear, there's no cure. Looks like it's going to be a loooong life. (disclaimer: it's not a real disease, it just means I don't think before I speak... or type)

5 - I'm a Mil-Wife. GO AIR FORCE!! I'm super proud of my Airman McStudly (wouldn't that be fun if seen on a uniform?!) and love him to pieces.

6 - I'm a Bible-believing Christian and DANG proud of it. But some people don't appreciate the fact that I love people - not just other Christians. What do I say to that? Get over it. That's the way we're SUPPOSED to be. Hmmph!

7 - I'm a registered Republican, BUT I don't just vote for whatever red runs for the seat. I look at issues... and not just one or two of them... but all issues that I can wrap my head around. So don't hate me for being on the other side, if I am, or love me for sitting next to you, because I'm a bigger fan of bi-partisan legislation. I don't give a rats behind who's supporting it if I don't agree with it in the first place!

8 - I have this AWFUL habit of picking at the skin around my fingers. I think it's a sickness. It's totally gross and unbelievable painful, sometimes, but I do it sub-consciously... when I'm watching an intense movie, in an argument with someone I care about, or just dazing off into the abyss. *blushes* I'm so ashamed.

9 - I sing. Period. I love it. I can be found singing regularly at church, daily in my car, and occasionally in the shower. I have this insanely (yet probably somewhat unrealistic) huge dream of becoming a songwriter/worship leader at some point in my life and I absolutely get giddy when I have the chance to harmonize with someone else who loves to sing (and is good at it...). But for now, I just adore music and try to learn to play the guitar so I'm not just singing a Capella all the time.

10 - My family is from the south (yeehaw!), but I want to see the WORLD!! I believe this place is way to huge to stay in one spot your whole life. Unfortunately, my wallet is in a bit of a disagreement with me on this one. We're mid-peace talks at this point, but there's no telling when we'll come to some form of an agreement.

AND a bonus for all of you: because... well... we are being honest here, aren't we?

BONUS: I've taken pole-dancing classes! AAHHH!!! There. I said it. Don't judge me! I did it just before and right after I got married and to be perfectly honest, my husband still hasn't really seen anything that I learned in that class. It was NOOOT easy! We have these places out neat where I live called "Xpose Fitness" where you go in for exercise and walk out feeling like a worn-out stripper, but it's SO much fun. No. You don't feel sexy while you're doing it (well, it seems like some people do, but trust me - they have NO business thinking that because they look a MESS spinning around that pole). You feel like a total idiot, but I sware to you - You will never have more fun at a workout class with your girlfriends than you will at one of these. It's the most hilarious workout, yet full and intense workout, that you'll ever take part in. I highly recommend it, but don't go alone. It's not fun alone...

Okay - now here's who I'm picking! (If you've already gotten it, just feel free to link your to my blog and you don't have to do it again... I'm all about the shortcuts here, people!) In alphabetical order:

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There you have it! Can't wait to see what kind of fun stuff I learn about you all...


Lindsey said...

Aw congrats friend and thanks so much for the tag!=)

d.a.r. said...

I love, love, love this list!! I will post mine tomorrow :)

April E. :) said...

yeah for your award :)

C said...

Love this! We have tons in common & I love that you're so blunt about it!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Love your list!! Especially number 1...hee hee. ;-)