Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I [heart] The Hinkins!

I've been meaning to post on this for several weeks, now, and I just kept getting sidetracked. But here we go -

Is anyone else a HUGE fan of "Here Come The Newlyweds"? Because I am... totally. McStudly and I watch it EVERY week. We usually DVR it and watch it on Tuesdays. It's so fun! Plus, could you imagine getting to spend up to 2 months at this amazing mansion of a place they are staying in, and just get to relax together and go through a few challenges along the way? Talk about a great way to spend time together!

Our favorite couple?! Well...

We [heart] the Hinkins. Seriously. They are so stinking cute... they communicate really well, together, and have won at least 2 of the challenges, deciding BOTH times to stay and keep their immunity each time, rather than taking the $15K and then $25K that was offered to them in exchange.
I can't even imagine holding that much money at one time, but they did it! It's pretty good times, this show. I'm loving it for sure.
The Hinkins are adorable for many reasons, but our favorites are that they were Virgins when they got married, and get this: after checking-in at their Honeymoon Hotel, they discovered that it was a clothing option resort! HA HA HA!! They had just days before seen each other naked for the first time, and now they were surrounded by topless people. How hilarious is that?! Talk about an awkward honeymoon, eh?
Well, they are this adorable Mormon couple that we think are totally going to win the entire thing. We were FLOORED last night that they were voted into the bottom two couples, but in all honesty - we think they were put there because people are afraid of the competition. I mean... that's a great strategy, don't get me wrong, but we weer SO glad that they stayed!!
Anywho - that's our take on it. If you get the chance, you should tune in on Monday nights and watch it with us. The challenges are a blast and McStudly and I try to see how well we think we'd do in the same challenges, if we were given the chance. I'd LOVE to go there with him!!
Who wouldn't? :-D


April E. :) said...

I TOTALLY think it would be AWESOME to have a day long marriage/couple competition like this, like at church or something!! I would SO do it!

I like the Hinkins too...I love, love, love the Newberrys and the Iengs.

This year is hard, I want those three to WIN!!!

The Ratpack said...

I LOVE this show too, and yep the Hinkins are my favorite!!! They would be the people my husband and I would be friends with on the show!!! So glad you posted this!

Unknown said...

Brandon and I love the show too! He totally thinks we would win! LOL! Too bad we have kids and I think we do not qualify as newlyweds!!

Terri said...

I love me some Hinkins!

Lindsey said...

I agree 100%! They are so cute together and are good with communication for sure!

Unknown said...

I started watching this show and automatically loved The Hinkins. Then come to find out, Jed and my husband John Brown grew up together and he was so excited to see him on TV. They truely seem to be genuinely kind people. It was sad to see them go.