Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Yeah

I almost forgot!! By now, I'm sure some of you are aware of McStudly and his... interesting take on things. He's a riot, this man. I love him to pieces, really!

Last night as we were in bed, he had me ROLLING! He had said something *cough* about my silhouette as I was putting my pajamas on in the dark (movingrightalong), and then he starting singing...

McS: (singing-ish?) "It'sa silhouettah duh tah duh..."

Umm... what are you singing?

McS: "It'sa silhouettah duh tah duh!"

(poorly controlling my laughter) Oh... is that supposed to be the Queen song?

McS: Yes. (singin again) "It'sa silhouettah duh tah duh..."

(Laughing harder) You're kidding, right?!

McS: No - that's how it goes. Trust me... I know.

(almost in hysterics) One more time... what is it again?

McS: (singing) "It'sa silhouettah duh tah duh..."

What are the words you're singing? Can you just say them?

McS: "It's... a... silhouettah... ... (hesitating) ... ... duhtahduh!" Why? What do you think it is? (my favorite part was how he waved his hand around for the "duhtahduh" part. It just added to the moment, really.)

I dunno... maybe "I see a little silhouettah of a man..."? (laughing, because I know most of the song, though I'm not sure if I should be proud of that or not)

McS: No. No, babe. That's definitely not it.

Oh my he's got to be the funniest person I know, sometimes.



Anonymous said...

Nothing like a midnight serenade, right!?! :)