Thursday, August 27, 2009

MORE Fabulosity

Who knew?! C over at Wedded Whims gave me an award! Can you believe it?! I know I sure can't... somehow my random blabberings are award-winning. I may not understand it, but I ain't too proud to take it any day - thanks C!!

Well, with this award, I'm supposed to list 5 current obsessions. Some of these may be obvious, given my recent postings, but others may not so much. Ready? Here goes:

1. Music. Well, this is kind've an all-time obsession, but that technically makes it "current", right? I love all things about it, really. I attempted to try and explain it on a friend's blog (Melody seems to have an equally obsessive take on music), but even explaining it to a fellow obsessor made me feel like a big dweeb. Oh well. It's part of me.

2. Decor. Seriously - I've been SUCH a decor fiend lately!! And I'm not just talking about how I'm trying to decorate our living room, but everything in general. I even convinced McStudly to chauffeur me out to the local Ikea last Saturday just to have a peak around and get some ideas, etc. We did buy a few candles, and cheap-o blankets for Austin, but it was mainly a giant brainstorming session. Believe it or not, I got SO many ideas there and NONE of them involved actually buying Ikea paraphernalia. Can you believe it? I'm out of control...

3. Crafts. Some may lump this with the previous obsession, but I will not! I've been itching for a sewing machine for almost a YEAR now and plan to sew clothes, decorative items (pillows, table runners, etc) and other things like baby gifts and maybe even purses. I can't WAIT to get started on that stuff! But other than sewing, I've been nonchalantly perusing thrift stores, etc, in search of new craft ideas. I made that picture piece a few posts back with a plate rack and a few frames. And I spray-painted a candelabra thingy or 3 a wrought iron black (pics to come, hopefully) to decorate my fireplace and mantle. And I've got SOOOO many more ideas that I feel like I'm busting at the seems!! Sometimes I wish this was my day job!

4. Movies. I am usually a take it or leave it kind of person when it comes to movies. There are occasionally a "must see" movie, or two, that comes to theatres, but outside of these, I'm not a huge movie buff. Lately, however, we have had a 3 month free trial of HBO and Cinemax and we're recording and watching movies like NObody's business (minus the fact that I just made it your business, anyways). And we've been using the RedBox up the street (SO convenient!) and our Netflix to fill any voids we may have. We're loving that we get to see movies for little to no moola, so we're even seeing movies we wouldn't have otherwise watched (which is a good and a bad thing).

5. New recipes. I don't know way, maybe it's Mrs. Stethoscope's fault for posting so many fabulous recipes, but McStudly and I have both been into new grub lately. I could probably attribute part of that to our health issues, as well, and the fact that we really have needed to change some eating habits, but mostly I think it's Mrs. Stethoscope's fault! :-P We've been trying new stuff left and right, at home, and loving it! Well, not loving all of the recipes, but loving the experimentation and excitement of it all. And tonight - we're eating out at Chik-fil-a for the first time in QUITE a while (which is huge for us, since we're such self-proclaimed addicts of the place!) because it's a fundraiser for the local Air Force ball (which I'll be attending... EEK!).

Hopefully that list wasn't a) disappointing and/or b)a little too much for you guys. But that's where I've been... well, not quite, but it's been taking up a bit of my mental energy for sure!

Stay tuned for more adventures in the Puhl House. <~ Ha ha... Puhl house - like "pool house", get it? Oh jeez. I need a time out!


5th Belle Avenue said...

Congratulations on the award!!

Courtney said...

Haha glad the award made you happy! You crack me up!!

April E. :) said...

obsessions...with as many as there are to have...who needs WORK?!?! :P

The Mrs. said...


good luck on your sewing and crafting endeavors!

Danielle said...

Oh I am totally into crafts and new recipes right now too!!! :)

Lindsey said...

We are so alike!