Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Space Between

So close, yet SOOOO freaking far!

I found some table alternatives for our living room. I stalk craigslist on a regular basis (like some of you recommended), and it seems that the people in our area either have the same taste as me, or aren't quite ready to give it up. I got nothing. That's usually how it works around here, though there are typically a few hidden treasures, from time to time.

Anywho - I was perusing Target and Wal-mart, because they typically make cheaper versions of nice furniture and I figured it was worth a shot. What could it hurt, right?

Well, apparently they didn't get the memo that they're supposed to have LOWER prices. Target had an almost IDENTICAL set of the coffee table and end tables, but they were priced higher than the originals, by about $25 each piece!

Can I get a "HECK NO"?!

So I mosied (mosyed? mossied? mozied?) on over to Wal-Mart's site and found two sets they are clearly brothas from anotha motha. I mean - they look SO much like the originals, but have a few striking differences. And just to prove my point, here you go (PS: Bonus points to whomever correctly guesses which is the more expensive set!):

Set #1:

Set #2:

Okay - so how much do you think these beauties cost? And which one do you think was more expensive? Answers to come...

But seriously, I keep hoping that I'll find this amazing deal somewhere and be just blown away by how affordable and stylish the find really is. I know that's pretty much living in dream-land, but hey, what's wrong with that, right?!

I can't imagine Craigslist coming up with anything very soon (though you betta bahLEE dat I'll be stalkin' that junk! ... I'm sorry. I'm not typically that gangsta, but we ARE talking about home decor, here, people) and I haven't checked out Overstock, yet (which is funny because I used to have an OS addiction like NObody's business!), but that's next on my list.

Are you done guessing, yet? Well here it is - the cost of the alternative sets:

Set #1:

End Table - $139.00

Coffee Table - $229.00


Set #2:

End Table - $79.88

Coffee Table - $119.88

The problem? Set #1 is the set that I really really LOVE! I mean, it's the perfect wood-tone for the look I want, and it's got this amazing realistic (possible even real?) wood grain throughout. And it looks like identical to the original set that I feel in love with!! Another funny little ha ha is the fact that the tables we currently have (found at Goodwill for - what was it Ma? $25?) are similar on the top portion, in that it looks like wood planks fashioned in a similar manner, but it's a really like oak-y color and the bottom is all wrought iron with a wicker basket inside. It would still work great if there was a way I could darken the fake wood top to a different darker shade and somehow have the basket match. But it's not real wood there's NO way I could create a fake wood grain on that sucker OR have the basket match.


Who knows. Maybe this dream set will show up on craigslist for $50 soon, and I'll get the deal of a lifetime?! Yeah. I know... I won't hold my breath.

***UPDATE: I checked overstock, and even they have it more expensive than the originals. Oy. Why did I have to fall in love with THIS set??****


Stefanie said...

I've been stalking craigslist for weeks for a desk, finally gave up and just moved around the furniture I already have. I just can't see springing money right now. We're talking about trying to move in the spring (shh.....) so I really shouldn't buy anything til I know where we'll be living.

If it was me, I'd just go with the second ones to save the money, but that's me, cheap to the core!

Good luck on the search!

The Mrs. said...

good luck on your quest... it always seems that when i have my heart set on something I can never find it, cheap enough that is!

Anonymous said...

Hey you need to check out Ikea! They have SUPER cute stuff, and it is cheaper than Target generally. They have good shipping rates, and a store in Woodbridge, VA.

Good luck with your search!

C said...

Ugh. I hate searching like this! You have far more patience than I! Good luck girl!

C said...

Oh and PS- just left you an award on my personal blog, Wedded Whims!! :)