Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Task at Hand

Your job... should you choose to accept it... is to help me find affordable tables like these for my living room.

Coffee Table:
End Tables:

I LOVE them! They are exactly what I'm looking for and would go PERFECT with the theme I'm headed towards. And just to get your minds a bubbling, I'm getting ready to paint an orange accent wall.

*GASP* Did she say orange?!

Yes. Yes she did - er I did. BUT it's not the primary school sun painting orange that you're probably thinking of, it's more of a faded clay or a burnt, softened orange. It's going to be AWESOME with my pale green accents and our new living room furniture. I'm SO loving the idea! Some of you are really scratching your head at my intentions, but I promise you that you'll like the end result. And if you don't?! Ah, well you don't live here, so you can rest easy, right?! :-P

Here are some of the inspiration pieces that led me to this point:

The Rug - KMart, $68:

The Pillows - Bed, Bath & Beyond, "Make Your Own Pillow" covers:

The future Kitchen accent colors (Wal-Mart and Target finds):

As you'll soon see in our walk through my home, our kitchen and living room and dining room are all opened up to each other. So we'll need to incorporate the colors into each room to keep it more fluid. These colors, my friend, are the key. It's going to be amazing, and I cannot wait!

My dream is to paint the accent wall, the wall that runs from the dining room through the living room, in this faded clay color (Valspar's Faded Clay, WV37013 - warning, it looks horrible on computer but amazing in person) and then the remaining walls in this Almond Oil color (also Valspad, but don't have the code with me). Then along with a few added corresponding orange accents, there will be a few green accents (think Valspar's Sag Harbor, WV36011) as well. All of this is building up to the Contemporary Country Casual style that I adore. I think I made up that name, but it's SO me (uh... and McStudly?)!!

Tonight, I'll be buying samples and painting a bit of the wall to make sure everything is kosher. Then we'll hopefully be painting one upcoming weekend in the near future (anyone want to dog-sit my over sized cuddle-bug? He's got loads of personality, and tons of spunk!). I'm so excited! Little by little I feel like our house is really becoming our Home. (for those of you that saw the bathroom in the previous post, you know that this place is in some serious need of help in that area).

Anywho, that's your task, if you have a chance. Maybe you've seen something similar while window shopping, or have a comparable piece in your own living room? These pieces are out of our price range (about $150 per end table, and $250 for the coffee table!), for now, so we're hoping to find something less expensive, if possible, or we'll just have to hold on until we can save up and get a few other things done around the house.

So, what do you think - am I nuts for painting ANYthing in my house orange? Can you find/Have you found anything like these for less than those unreachable prices? Are these tables too simple and look like you could make them yourself (I'd be willing to pay!)? Will our house EVER become a home? Stay tuned and I guess we'll all find out.

I would post pictures of tonight's effort tomorrow, but my camera's battery charger is still missing. Speaking of, if you happen to see her, would please tell her that she's in BIIIIG trouble?! Kthnks.


Malia Kell Photography said...

Two things:

Ross always seems to have classic furniture that always surprises me by how inexpensive it is...I've seen tables like that multiple times in my adventures.

Craigslist *can be* a girls best friend. You just have to be picky and search search search. That's where I found our couch, brand new, that matches our chair and ottoman...for a steal at $150...my cherry hardwood tv entertainment center, so chic, so classic, and BRAND new, did I mention for $60? it still had the tags on it for $350...And our 52 inch flat screen tv? Yeah, regularly over 2000 for a little under $1000. You live near a military base, so search that...people in the military are always moving and going...and some need to get rid of their things before they move...so they sell them cheap!

I wish I was there so I could do all this with you...*sigh*...

Sarah said...

Ummm we used to have a bright orange bathroom at our old house, and boy was it BRIGHT it would wake you up, however I'm sure it's much better in a living room. Love the tables

E. Chikeles said...

Craigslist!! Great way to get cheap furniture... and if you don't have a timeline you could probably wait out for something similar.

I love you design ideas! Come design my living room...

Lindsay Gray said...

Have you been checking overstock.com? They sometimes have great furniture finds for good prices and still just $2.89 for shipping!

Personally, I couldn't do the orange, but that's because I'm a big pansy. It will look amazing once your finished!

Stefanie said...

I love it! Though right now I think I love most decorating ideas cause I seriously just want to decorate! Augh! Stupid rental place that makes you paint it back, so I'm not bothering!

I actually like the orange, I think I'd personally go more burnt orange, but I like the idea of the orange.

Craigslist is my friend when it comes to furniture. If you have BigLots near you, you could try there. I never seem to catch stuff at the right time, but my girlfriend got her queen size bedroom set (including dressers and nightstands) for under $400.