Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Slackstown,USA. Population: Me

I finally started sending out my "Pay It Forward" stuff (Yes, I'm Slacky McSlackerpants from Slackstown, Alabama) and will send more soon.

You see, I'll be sending something different to each person, for a few reasons: #1 - allergies. It's "Pay It Forward", not "make 'em suffer", right? #2 - personalities. Call me old fashioned, but when given the opportunity, I like to make a persons' gift reflect them, somehow... in blog world, that's taking the very little bit that I've picked up from reading and trying to find a way to apply it to the gift.

For those of you yet to receive your gift, it won't be fancy, but hopefully it won't be a disappointment, too much. I'm spacing them out due to finances, but I promise you will get it eventually, so don't hate me!!

On a totally different note, we've got some DIY projects coming up shortly. A few trips to goodwill and I'm stocked up on a few ideas for the coming weeks (granted I need some free time, first... but that's sure to come eventually, right?). Hopefully it'll become a regular thing, this Do It Yourself, stuff, but for now... we'll start out small.

Anywho, stick around in the upcoming days - we've got the American Idol concert/meet & greet recap and some 'round the house projects coming up alongside of the usual everyday random stuff. I'll try to be better about blogging as things start to slow down a bit at work, again. Even though I haven't been writing a lot, I have still been reading. Are you kidding me?! I couldn't stay away from ya'll blogs if I had to! It's my drug of choice...

... and I think I'm okay with that. ;-) Toodles!


The Mrs. said...

the pay it forward rocked! and sadly it has all been enjoyed, but the basket is left! The kids LOVED it, as did hubs, and me of course, but you'll see later in life... mama gets the left overs! : )

thanks again it was FABU!

Sarah said...

I'm so excited

Sarah said...

Hey girl have not seen an blog update from ya lately hope your doing well!