Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Uh-Oh, but Yumm-O!

SO yesterday I played housewife.

Okay, you're right, I kind've play housewife every day, BUT I was a little better at it than usual yesterday!! You see, I kind've planned a few options for dinner this week and everything ready for me to just decide which meal I (we) want that night and WHAM-o. Get to cooking! So I went shopping Monday and wah-lah. Awesomeness for the whole week. Rock on!!

I even bought some things for us to try out a few new recipes from the AWESOME "Cooking Light Cookbook" that I picked up (at Lowes, oddly enough) and absolutely love!! There's SO many good ideas. And the food isn't like gross healthy, it's like "I'll probably even LIKE that" healthy type food. Know what I mean? Sure you do. ;-)

Anywho, yesterday I got home from work. Spent a little cuddle time with McStudly (shh! Don't tell, he's sure it'll ruin his street cred.) and then started on dinner before realizing I needed another ingredient (dang it... SO close!). So he ran to the store while I hung out with the pup.

While I waited to got dishes done (the sink was EMPTY folks!) and wiped down all the counters and the stove... blah blah blah. When he got home, I made dinner (Chicken Spaghetti - if you ask real nice and you're lucky, maybe I'll give you the recipe - and no, it's nothing at all like Chicken Permagiana, just FYI), washing and putting away dishes as I went (that's right - hand out the bonus points!). After we had dinner, I finished dishes, put leftovers in the fridge (one of a very short list of meals that tastes just as good, sometimes better, as leftovers).

Then I sat for a few before rushing to meet Mom and lil' Sister at goodwill for a shopping date. I scored a few shirts, nothing good in the home-front section (not even anything to work with, I mean) and then headed to their house for a quick stop. I picked up my Aunt's old dress (as in she wore it when she was my age, and now it fits me perfectly... just gotta get some shoes - post w/ pics probably to follow) and headed home to my McStudly.

We were anxious to try out a new Strawberry Banana shake recipe (we're not the healthiest eaters, but we'll try it if there's a good picture!) so I set out to get started. I cut up the Nanas, and pulled out the Strawberries to find... MOLD! Ugh! I JUST bought them Monday (call me uneducated, I thought they'd be fine to sit out one night before putting them in the fridge - okay I forgot - but ONE night and they already molded? No fair! I call a do-over). I was SO upset!

But then, McStudly came to my rescue. He reminded me that we had some blueberries in the freezer (old as they may be... still blueberries nonetheless). So I replaced the strawberries with blueberries and wah-lah. It was actually pretty tasty!!

Happy ending: McStudly saved the day, I left the kitchen clean and [somewhat] organized, and all went to bed happy. And for those of you wondering:

Blueberry Banana Shakes!

2 cups sliced bananas
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 cup orange juice
3 cups low fat/fat free vanilla ice cream

Mix first 3 ingredient in a blender until smooth. Add ice cream one scoop at a time, blending until smooth. Then dish-out and serve immediately. Makes about 4 servings, 1 cup/serving.

So there you have it - sometimes even oopsies in the kitchen can turn into quite a yummy (and somewhat healthy) surprise. Score for all!!


April E. :) said...

YUMMO!!!! And are you talking the Prom dress!? Awesome

Courtney said...

Haha I love this! I always forget ingredients too! But hey- you're totally rocking the good wifey thing! Keep it up!