Thursday, May 1, 2008

Austin's Antics

Holocaust Rememberance Day.

FYI - That's today. According to the site here at work, anyway. I think I spoke enough about love and the need for it yesterday, but just to recap what I didn't really spell out - love others. Unconditionally. Unselfishly. (?). Love like Nike... Just do it! :-P Take another ready, here, in Ephesians Ch.5, Vs.1-4. (And yes, lately I've been a fan of "The Message" paraphrased version, if you haven't already figured that out.)

Random happier thoughts time!!

I tried last night to load a video of just how funny my dog can be. Since my internet is slow, it wouldn't work, BUT... I will definitely be trying again in the near future. He's got this thing he does. I give him a bone... and he decides to play "squirrel" and hide it for later (later usually meaning about 30 seconds after he walks away from the hiding spot, and decides it's not good enough). I have NO idea where he got this from, and NO idea why he started, but it's hilarious and I FINALLY got it on video! Several times, in fact, with the same bone. He FINALLY found a good spot on his bed, and continued to push this blanket on top of it and push it down (you've really got to see it to know what I'm talking about). He left it for the afternoon, and didn't go back for it until I got home that night. Good times... good times. Pets are totally amusing - if you don't have one, get one (unless you're really irresponsible, or can't stand the thought of cleaning up after them... then it's probably not a good idea. And on that note, you probably should never have children, either - they require similar work. Okay... side note over. My bad!).

While I'm on the topic of pets, I'd like to go back a few weeks and share an old story of just how funny... and ridiculously curious my dog can be. Brace yourselves, and if you know me - try to picture me telling the story in person. It's WAY better that way. (Man if only I could've gotten this on Camera - I could've been on the Ellen DeGeneres Show or something!)

Here it is - For Your Reading Pleasure (from an e-mail I sent out on 11 April):

"So last night I got home around 9:30 from working out and shopping for decorations for a baby shower I'm throwing. Austin was a bit hyper, and just to make things a little easier for myself, I left his leash on him when we came inside from his last potty break, so that I could catch him and correct him if he were to misbehave.

The night's winding down. I'm e-mailing with Kyle while he's at work and watching some TV. Then, I hear Austin getting in to something in the kitchen, so I quietly go to investigate. Tip-toeing through the room (so as to surprise him). Just as I turn the corner, he hops off his window seat and runs out. So I step on his leash, tell him no, and to "get out" of the kitchen. And he does. (He's a good listener, most of the time.)

About 15 minutes later (IF that) I hear him again. I still walk quietly, but a bit quicker this time, and... again... I turn the corner just in time to see him jumping off the seat. So... again... I step on the leash, tell him "no", and to "go lay down" on his bed. He listens again and does what I say. (This is where I think 'Man, I'm am good. This leash idea is awesome'. Yeah, okay... we'll see about that.)

He lays there, on his bed. It's just about the time that I want to go to bed... Eli Stone is ending, the e-mails have long since ended, and I'm Sleepy! At some point, apparently, he had gotten up again, without my noticing, and gone back into the kitchen, becuase I hear him in there AGAIN. This time... I fling the blanket back JUST in time to hear something fall and "THUD" hit the ground... I take off, running this time, into the kitchen, BUT before I even reach to corner, out runs Austin! I go to step on his leash, but I can't - He's RUNNING as FAST as he possibly can...

ears down...

butt tucked...


I have NEVER had such a hard time controlling laughter in my life. It was literally the funniest thing I have ever seen him do. Apparently my dog is a combination of both some kind of smart and some kind of stupid. He was dumb enough to get up on the counter and knock a bag of Dark Chocolate M&Ms off and onto the floor (which he had gotten from our candy basket), but he was Smart enough to pick up his leash as he ran past me, knowing that I was going to step on it. Can't you just picture him now, as soon as those M&Ms hit the ground thinking 'OH NO!!! This lady's gonna KILL me! SAVE YOURSELF!!!'

Wow... I'm a FIRM believer in the fact that dogs are THE greatest form of entertainment (while also being on of the greatest forms of frustration). Just had to share."

Well there you have it. And just so you can REALLY have the full "visual" experience, here are some pictures of Me and my little Toot:

And just for fun, here are a few "Mugshots" of him from another one of his curiosity episodes... he jumped into the laundry pile, and came out wearing my tank top:


Ashley said...

Awww he is getting so big now! I love animals they are so goofy :-D

April E. :) said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am literally dying...and I have READ that before!!! It is just TOO funny! Really!!! Oh man that is so great...You are going to have to send out the video of Austin hiding his bone and I will dub a voice over know how much I love doing that! haha!

MonicaDawn said...

Well, This took way to long for me to figure out how to comment. I'm supposed to be a IT Administrator! ha!...Anyway, I remember you telling me this story about Austin! How Cute..... And Amen Sista! I'm a Big Fan of 'The Message' Too<3

P.S. You're Lucky I love you Sarah Puhl! I've been trying to figure out this thing 4-eva!

Brittany said...

Oh that story of Austin is just way too cute!!! And the thing about him hiding his bone, I had a doxie that did that. She would hide it in the pillow cushions of our couch and say one of us sat down near it (without knowing) she would come bounded towards it as if to rescue it and hide it somewhere else. Lol, it is crazy the things that they do.