Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I just wanted to say -


I just do. He's fantastic. I can't seem to find words, and then if I try to make some up, I just sound silly - so going along with the Grey's Anatomy theme, I decided to name my husband. BUT since this is a G rated blog, I threw out several names (and will file them away for more private days) and decided to go with McStudly. It's not quite as good as the others, but again - the names that I thought would fit better were not appropriate for a public blog forum. So let's just go with it. :-)

McStudly is the best. I seriously don't think anyone could be any better (which is how it's supposed to be). You see - Kyle and I don't get to live the normal newlywed life right now. He serves in the AirForce and works crazy 12hr shifts (beyond his control) that rotate around and get us all sorts of confused. We usually only see each other in passing when he's working, and I'm not exaggerating. His schedule is 5:30 - 5:30. So when he works nights, he leaves the house at 5, which is about 5 minutes after I get home (if that). And when he works days, he gets up at 4 am to get ready... and leaves at 5 (both before I'm up), so when he gets home at around 6 (w/ driving time), he eats something small and we MIGHT have about an hour together before he goes to bed. (Getting up at 4am is NOT a small feat! So he goes to bed like grandpa-early). BUT he e-mails me throughout his shifts whenever possible, we walk down to grab lunch together when he works days (we don't get to eat together, but we can at least see each other).

The point is that he tries. And I try. We are both working at making the best out of this cruddy situation. It's not easy, BELIEVE ME when I say that, but it works. We spend all the time we can together, even if that means cancelling other plans with our friends, or at church, etc.

He's just fantastic. I'm learning so much about him all the time, and the best part about marriage, to me, is that friendship that is always growing deeper. I feel like, especially lately, we've just been talking about anything and everything and really starting to enjoy each other's company even more than before and it's GREAT!

Anywho - just thought I'd share that. I love you, Kyle "McStudly" Puhl!


April E. :) said...

Too sweet. Crazy shifts are the worst and you have the worst of I feel ya! Be strong and enjoy growing with your hubby!!! Even the cruddy times make you stronger!