Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crazy Birthday month from He...aven?!

Oy oy OY!!

This month is pure craziness. Check it:

9 May - Carrie's birthday (sorry, but I have to miss the party!!)
9 May - Diddy's birthday (our Young Adult Pastor, and no, his name is not really Diddy...)
10 May - Bridal/Welcomming Shower for some friends (shh... it's a surprise!!)
11 May - Mother's Day (so that means 2 mommas, and 3 Grandmommas...)
12 May - Malina's birthday (Kyle's little sister)
16 May - Bekah's birthday (My little sister)
20 May - April's birthday (My big sister)
24 May - Papa Bear's birthday (My Daddy... DUH!)

AND there are a few more birthdays, but if I named them all, I'd go crazy.

So as you can tell, it's a bit of a crazy month for Kyle and I. PLUS - 10 May is Kyle and I's 6-month wedding aniversary (aww... how cute!).

*Does anyone have any Ibuprofen? I need Ibuprofen!!*

So tonight is the big shopping night for everything. I kind've know what we're getting most people, but as far as money goes - WHOA!! It's a good thing we have a Gift Savings account on the side. BUT we love to give gifts... it just stinks that it costs money, sometimes. :-P

Alrigty - we'll I'm off to pretend I'm working. But I'm sure I'll probably be blogging again soon.



Monica Dawn. said...

HAHAHA. I was Like Sarah Puhl Why Is Puff Daddys Birthday on your Calendar! hahahaha.

April E. :) said...

YO it's NUTS man!! :(