Friday, May 2, 2008


Here it is - the moment you've ALL been waiting for (okay, well I'm still new at this. EVENTUALLY you will all eagerly await my BIG PLUG moments... just wait - you'll see!!) It's time for my BIG PLUG! Something is coming up that I want you to know about or be a part of - so check it out! This today's BIG PLUG is for a REALLY good cause!!


Murder Mystery Dessert Theatre @ Heritage Community Church

This Saturday Night, 3 May, at 6:00pm (1800), VERB (the students of Heritage Community Church) will be performing a Murder Mystery Dessert Theatre to raise money for their missions trip to Puerto Rico this summer. It's the twisting story of "As Long As We Both Shall Live" - the wedding of wealthy socialite, Miss Kirby Sutton to Mr. Roger Blake, becomes the setting for this baffling mystery comedy. As guests arrive, they are welcomed as friends of the bride or friends of the groom and seated accordingly. Following a wedding feast, the play unfolds to reveal there are several people who desire that this marriage never take place. What will unravel as the night lingers on?

Come out tomorrow night - Saturday, 3 May at 6:00pm to the Heritage Community Church to find out. Tickets are only $7. (And though I haven't seen the show, I KNOW it will DEFINITLEY be entertaining, just from looking the casting list. You won't regret it, and you'll be supporting missions! You KNOW you want to!!)

Tickets ARE available at the door, but please call my cell phone or leave me a comment ahead of time, if you plan to attend, so that we have enough dessert for everyone. Hope to see you all there!!

Random Happier Thoughts Time!

Today is a very special Holiday (Didn't you get the memo?). It's National Baby's Day / Dr Benjamin Spock's Birthday / Brother/Sister Appreciate Day / Sibling Appreciation Day / Take a Baby to Lunch Day! SO - with that said, if you have a baby brother or sister, you should take them to lunch, tell hem how much you appreciate them, and sing Happy Birthday to the late, great Dr. Spock! It could look something like this:

So - in the spirit of all the babies and such... that brings me to my Hero For the Day (imagine a caped figure standing in super-hero-pose in front of a waving american flag with Monica Bedell's face poorly photoshopped onto the head).

Monica Bedell is my hero for the day!

Not ONLY does she keep me sane at work, and make me look good for my boss by giving me technical advice, BUT she's also walking the "Walk for Babies" tomorrow. Previously known as the "March of Dimes", Monica will be walking to raise money for young children and premature babies. She'd not reached her goal yet, though, and with these little guys, every little bit helps! So if you can, go on over to Monica's Personal Support Page and help a sister out... it could be YOUR sister you're saving! I'm not always going to keep pumping the money-giving, but this is obviously a necessary fundraiser. So at LEAST comment or e-mail her with some words of encouragement for her big day tomorrow! GO MONICA!!!!

And now On To Food - becuase I'm hungry. :-) I have to figure out what I'm going to eat for lunch, still, but here's my idea for a new recipe (and if you already have something like this... humor me. I feel special!). I bought those wraps you use to make eggrolls in a refrigerated pack. I plan to mix together some rice, cheese, ground turkey (because it's more heart healthy than ground beef - right Mom?!) and a few other things, (like green peppers, and other healthy stuff like that) and wrap them in the rolls. Cooking them in vegetable oil and blending all the flavors (as well as cooking the roll). Then WAH-LAH! A simple yummy-sounding meal. And word on how to make it even tastier? Or any other yummy newer food ideas?

**FLASH NEWS BULLETIN!!! For those of you who do not already know, I cannot eat broccoli. So please lease all broccoli including recipes out. Much appreciated! :-)***

Alrighty then - I have SO Much I could babble on about today (mainly becuase it's Friday and I'm more bored than usual at work, PLUS with my mind on the weekend, there's no END to my ADHD!), but I figured that today's blog was long and full enough. So... without further ado... I give you - The End. :-)

Until next time my friends - Word to your Siblings!


MonicaDawn said...

Sarah Puhl Ya Make me blush!!! =]

I LOVE How you actually put in a picture of a Plug. You're so clever. Where was this when we were deciding your Blog name! haha.

Why Can't You Eat Broccoli?!?!?!?!

- Sarah :-) said...

I was tired that day - I can't be held liable for my lack of imagination and wit. :-)

And Broccoli makes me all pukey. I get to gagging... and it's just not pretty from there. Not cool!

bekah said...

hah. i love that you mentioned the murder mystery thing too. :)
it makes me smile..

April E. :) said...

#1 - I love how Bekah has commented on your blog...I don't think she ever has on mine. If you have Bekah, then I apologize. I am sleepy :) haha
#2 - YEAH for the BIG PLUG...come and support it...they worked hard...those kiddos.
#3 -I LOVE broccoli! YUMM-O
#4 - I have nothing.

Rose of the Hill said...

Thanks so much for the prayers... yeah stop by any time... I'm sure God is going to put tons of interesting things in our path! :-)

So where are you and hour husband from?