Wednesday, June 11, 2008

La Musica

I think I finally decided it. In fact - I know I did.

I want to learn to play guitar.
There - I've said it. I played piano when I was younger, and was pretty dang good at it, if I do say so myself. But the problem with a piano - you can't take it with you. And who wants to strap on a keyboard, right?! Plus - I don't think I could get back into piano without having one at home to practice on, and then there's the problem with reading music... don't get me started. I missed the bus on this one. (FYI - my children will be taught to read music at a VERY young age. If they decide they don't want to be musical later in life, then fine. But it won't be for lack of education!) But with the guitar - you just read the note... I mean... it's spelled out for you. There's no "third line up... that's... every good boy... that's a B... no play a B". Noo... it just tells you what to play. It says "B" So there... you play a B.

So I want to play the guitar.

The problem - we can't buy one, right now. Financially, it's not a good time. We're getting debt under control. Getting ready to buy a house. Living on a budget, for the time being. So buying a guitar won't work for now.


Eventually... maybe not anytime soon, but it will. And I'm excited!!

PS - know any good methods of teaching yourself how to play?! Cause I don't want to take lessons... that's more money... and why not learn on your own, right? Lemme know!

Peace out!


April E. :) said...

Join for your community (city) and request a guitar. It's all for FREE. You could probably FREECYCLE some lesson books too! Good luck I want to learn too although I am told the hands are too I have a keyboard at home too...So one day I will start practicing piano again. And you are right, my kids will learn as well!