Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday... FINALLY!

So it's about TIME that Friday got here. And it's GORGEOUS outside! Seriously! I did NOT want to walk into this drabby building I work in, this morning. I wanted to stay home, get some work done in and outside of our house. And just BASK in the awesome-ness of the weather.


Maybe I'll leave early. I already have cabin fever and it's ONLY 11 o'clock!!

This is nuts. Am I the ONLY one stuck at work while the weather is amazing? We've had rain for like... as long as I can remember (I am no elephant, folks) and now we have this amazingly gorgeous day and I can't enjoy it! Ugh.

We also have Game Night with Oasis tonight - that's where our Young Adult group at church gets together with the Senior Adults group and we have a game night. They cook, we provide the fun.

Now, don't get me wrong... I love old people... but have you SEEN how gorgeous it is outside?! I mean seriously folks. I'm trying to find an excuse to get out of it.

McStudly and I had plans, last night, to go up to Target and Lowes and get some stuff done. The plan was:

Lowes': Check out and decide on the new vanity for our bathroom. Peruse vanity-top options and begin the decision process on those as well. Pick out color ideas for the bedroom, since the fixer-uppers are painting that for us, as well. Buy new vent covers for the floor-vents in the bedroom.

Target: Stock up on all things organizational. We need cubbies. baskets. storage bins. shoe racks. DVD holders (like the ones we fell in love with at Bed Bath & Beyond). Pick out and buy new curtains, and curtain rods, if they have some nice ones (maybe at Lowes'?). Check out the bathing suits.

And if we had time, we were going to go by Bed, Bath & Beyond.

None of that happened.

Long story short, I'm irritated with someone in particular (just to be clear, it's not McStudly... it's someone else), and our entire night was shot. Not ONE thing we planned was executed like it was supposed to be. All because there's this one person that....

Nevermind. I'll leave it alone.

BUT it took forever to get that done, so then we didn't have the time OR the energy to be able to get ANYthing done that we NEEDed to get done. We're pretty busy a lot of the time, so when we finally get a night to ourselves and can get "stuff" done, it's SO nice to be able to do that! But nooo... not last night!! Noo... of course not!

Sorry. I'm done now. ...I think... But seriously, does that ever happen to you? You have this perfectly awesome night of relaxing while getting some things done that need to be done around the house, and then because of insufficient planning on someone else's part it gets totally shot? Am I the ONLY one that gets all irritated and worked up over that?

I know it seems silly, but I was SOOO glad we finally had a night to do this stuff. Ugh!!

ANYwho - My cabin fever is kicking into overdrive. I'm going to go see if I can get someone to go get lunch with me. If I go alone, I'll take forever, and then find a reason not to come back. And we don't want that to happen, now do we?!


I almost forgot - McStudly and I finally bought tickets to go see his family. We got a STEAL of a deal on plane tickets. Long story short, we're flying from where we live, ALLLL the way to where they live for a GRAN total of $320. Umm, that's how much it was per PERSON last time we flew. And FYI, it's about an 18+ hour drive to get there from here. So you can imagine it's a good flight.

I'm SO looking forward to seeing them again. I'm going to have a sit down with McStudly and explain to him the importance of taking LOTS of pictures this time that we're there. I hardly have ANY good pictures with and of his family. I need to correct that. I need them on my walls, too, right?!

Anywho - we're both pretty excited!

Still to come on the blog: An update on the house. What's been done, what's going to be done soon, and all the extra stuff that we had NO idea they were going to do for us!!

Stay tuned!


April E. :) said...

more bathing suits...your a freak. Don't you have like 48 of them! haha!

d.a.r. said...

Busy girl!!! Yay for Friday!