Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Naa-Nee Naa-Nee Boo Boo

So I tattled on the painters today.

They were subcontracted out by the main contractors we were working with so I called them - the main contractors, that is. And he was NONE too pleased with what he heard.

I kind've felt bad at first because it sounded like I was a little 7-year-old tattling. But I got over that in a hot second and spilled the beans, man. Oh - and he really liked the part about someone smelling like Marijuana. That's for sure!

Anywho, they said they'd take care of everything. So there you have it. I'm not paying for it, but if I was, I'm sure they'd be doing even more. We've had SUCH a great experience with this company, I didn't doubt that they'd take care of everything right away. And I was right - they're being awesome about it.

As for the subcontractors... I'm not so sure that they'll be called again, but... I guess I have to say that's not my problem.

I'll be honest. I was FURIOUS! Still am pretty ticked at the shoddy job they did in our home. I mean- I wouldn't come to THEIR homes and do a craptastic job. Right?! We LIVE here! This is our HOME, for crying out loud... it's not like it's some ego-run company (not that even that would excuse it). But I did have a split-second of hesitation when I considered that someone could lost their job because of this.

I don't know - call me a push-over, but that does worry me. With the economy the way that it is, I'd hate to be the cause that yet another person is out of work. But at the same time, does no one take pride in their work? I mean... I didn't tell you to become a painter. Heck - if I'd have ever seen you paint like this, I probably would've suggested that you NOT become a painter. But... get another job if you don't like it. Ya know?

Anywho - hopefully no one loses their job, but learns a good lesson. These are people's homes. You don't screw around with people's homes!

...I guess I'm done. I just wanted to let you know that I did talk to the company. And once they've fixed everything, we'll let you know how it goes.



The Mrs. said...

to quote -1 "awwww snap!" (yeah I'll admit I taught him that, hey you spend so much time without adult interaction you start to teach your kids funny things to entertain you)

good for you. The contractor needed to know about those painters before he sent them anymore business. I get what your saying about feeling bad about what they may have coming to them now but look if they dont care about the output then this is the price they pay.

Melody said...

WOW. What an ordeal! My dad would teach them a thing or too, he started out painting in his dad's painting company. They can do it right. Lame do they get away with that? They better fix it forreals.