Friday, May 1, 2009


I've been SUCH a blog slacker, as of late... heck, I've been a slacker PERIOD as of late. But what's a girl to do with as much going on in her life as I've had lately?

That's where McStudly comes in...

You see, McStudly is preparing to separate from the military, so he's been home on terminal leave for a while, now. Why does that make him awesome? Because he's been taking care of like EVERYthing around the house for me!!

Seriously, though - he's been doing dishes, taking out trash, cleaning up dog dookie (my neighbor is very grateful). He even cooked dinner last night! How amazing is he? I love him to pieces. And he's been SO great with everything.

It makes things SO much less stressful for me when I can come home to an empty sink and having the house as neat as it can be, right now. Have you seen the pictures? My house STILL looks a royal mess. And there's not quite an end in sight, at the moment. But he's doing what he can to help keep it as put together as possible while I'm working and he's at home.

*sigh*. He's so dreamy. I love you, baby!! And thank you soo soo much!!



Courtney said...

Aren't good husbands the best?? So glad you got a good one!