Friday, May 22, 2009

Lou... Lou... Skip To My Lou

No really... Skip is in the bathroom right now... as I type.

Who's Skip?

He's the head of that painting company that we had issues with. He come to the house today and saw everything. Apoligized profusely for the mary-j "cologne" and vowed he doesn't put up with that stuff. In fact, while speaking to McStudly on the phone earlier this week, his reaction was somewhere around "So I wanted to talk to you about what happened before I terminated someone." Whoooaaa there Bessie! They really DID take it seriously! And that's a good thing, too.

Anyways, he took a look around. Talked to us frankly. Said he was personally going to get the paint up and off of anything and everything he could.

THEN, in a typical Extreme-Home-Makeover-"this-is-what-we-wanted-to-do-for-you" kind of tone, he said "And" ...waitforit... "I'm gonna paint your bathroom for you."

McStudly: "That's really not necessary"

Oh, but I want to do that for you guys, because I'm so sorry for all of this."

McS: "No, we appreciate it, but we actually just painted it ourselves, so it really doesn't need to be painted."

Oh... [awkward silence] well, let's go take a look at it.

Poor guy. He was trying to be so nice. ha ha... anyways, he went up and looked around and decided that he would paint our ceiling for us, which worked out perfectly. We needed to paint it anyways, so... wah-lah!

Anywho, he said he was going to touch up other things, too, and even once the carpet and everything was installed, he wanted us to give him a call and he would come touch up anything else that they may have messed up, or whatever.


He said he could get the paint off the furniture, since it was latex (good to know!), and then he'd even "run some pledge over it for ya." Uh... thanks?!

It is all VERY dusty, don't get me wrong. We have a sub-floor that's called "gyp-crete". It's a mix of this stuff called gypsum, which is similar to drywall, and concrete... and it SUCKS!! I mean - it muffles sound really well and it does it's sub-floorey job, but it kicks up this AWFUL dust!

I tried sweeping it, and the dust is SO fine that I could hardly sweep it all up and it just kicked up everywhere. When I finished sweeping, there was even MORE dust on every single flat surface... AND the sweeping itself had created more dust from the floor.

Who MAKES this stuff?!

Anywho, our allergies have been SHOT lately (like we need help with that in this area... HA!) and no matter how often I wipe down countertops and shelves and tvs and bookcases, etc., the dust returns in... waitforit... about 10 minutes.

No lie.

Have I mentioned that I'm SOOOO ready for all of this to be done? Yeah. I thought I might've.

Well, that's where we are now. And the best part? The tilers and carpetters are going to come while we're on vacation next week. SCORE!! So we'll get to come home to our "complete" house!! I mean, we'll need to clean up more dust, I'm sure, but that'll be the LAST TIME we have to deal with all that cruddiness! HOORAY!!!

We are SOOO excited! :-D Eeek!!!

Oh yeah... and that's when you get PICTURES!!! :-) Now I know you guys are excited! :-P


April E. :) said...

I'm excited to see it!

Kelly said...

I'm glad they are working it all out for you. It's important that you told him for both you and him. He wouldn't have known that they were doing such a terrible job if you hadden't told him. I know you mentioned feeling bad that some people might lost their jobs. I agree that it stinks but in this time more than ever if you want to keep your job you do a good job. So keep that in mind. They did the bad work and they have to deal with the consequences. (I hope this doesn't sound harsh, I don't mean it to be!) You were right in what you did.